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  1. penguinavalanche

    Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

    hi all! just want to share that I had a great experience with MBS when I held my wedding last year. my coordinator was originallg Zi ling but she went on maternity and was replaced by Euphie. I really loved Euphie`s service. she was there all the way and even the night before when I needed to...
  2. penguinavalanche

    (2014/07) July 2014 BTB

    Hi all July BTBs! Wondering hows everyone's prep???? For me, im getting very annoyed with my wedding and some days I really want to do away with alllll these ceremonies and elope!!!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad: Dealing with so many vendors and managing the parents and bridal party is really...
  3. penguinavalanche

    Advise for Guo Da Li

    Hi all, just wanna ask...must my groom deliver all the GDL stuff in those gdl basket??? My mom saw e gdl basket and insists that the items must be delivered in them though it must be returned to the shop in 3 days time! I say my groom can deliver the stuff in a plastic bag..dun nees e box as...
  4. penguinavalanche

    Dowry matter

    JulianS, I think what everyone is trying to say here is that if u really love him, try go accept whatever he can offer. Try to see beyond the dowry and face. My family is just an ordinary Singapore family and definitely cannot afford the dowry u expect that each side gives. This is the plight...
  5. penguinavalanche

    AD or ROM first?

    Renovation for BTO shld be quite fast. .like max 1 mth? ?
  6. penguinavalanche

    Need advice on wedding procedure.

    Yea...its weird.
  7. penguinavalanche

    (2015) 2015 brides??

    Hi all, HDB grants exemptions case to case if u write in! I got my flat already (resale) but only ROM/church/AD in july (on same day). They grant me 3 mths extension. So I dun think u guy need to rush ur rom just for a house. Do write in. U never know if u can be granted exemption Then can do...
  8. penguinavalanche

    (2015) 2015 brides??

    Definitely roadshow has better perks
  9. penguinavalanche

    Are false eyelashes absolutely necessary?

    Mine charge $15. It made my eye look much bigger even though my eyes qt big actually! Gives a nice dramatic effect. :D
  10. penguinavalanche

    Feline Bridal Shop

    Honestly, all bridal studios have their own tactics that will make u feel upset some way or another. :( When it comes to that, it really ruins ur btb experience!
  11. penguinavalanche

    how much have u spent for wedding preps?

    Bridal studio package: 3588 AD car: 200 (dad's friend) AD photographer:1288 AD videographer:988 Church florist:688 Shoes :120 Jewellery & accessories: abt 250 To be spent Church caterer: $8500 Angpows:$1200 Photobooth"800 And many mmorezzzzz...
  12. penguinavalanche

    (2015) 2015 brides??

    Firstly plan ur budget. Then decide what type of wedding you want. :)
  13. penguinavalanche

    Gate crash

    My htb also not for idea of gatecrash. I don't want to put him through it because I dont want him to look silly on his big day! Lol. I have some telling me I shouldn't try to "protect" him so much. But I'm the one marrying..not them! I don't want him to be all sweaty and smelly after e...
  14. penguinavalanche

    Christian Brides

    Yap! Breakfast then church ceremony. But then I'm thinking would guests then stay back to mingle/take photo with bride n groom?
  15. penguinavalanche

    Wedding bands

    I got love n co rose gold wedding bands :):)!! We got em while they were having special discount so 10% off! My wedding band is thick enough to wear on its own, so it doesn't look too thin without the engagement ring ;)
  16. penguinavalanche

    Christian Brides

    Hi, I also am planning to do away with gatecrash hahah. Instead of buffet lunch, my htb suggested buffet breakfast as his friend did that! Sounds interesting! ;)
  17. penguinavalanche

    Affordable MUA for simple makeup/hair for 6 jie mei and 1 mom

    Hi, looking for Affordable MUA for simple makeup/hair for 6 jie mei and 1 mom. If any MUA is on this forum, please contact me. Thanks.
  18. penguinavalanche

    Caught in between- Switching job, wedding, and house

    No harm looking around for another job to see what you can get. Perhaps can let ur new employer know, if they offer, that u are getting married soon and need a certain month off for wedding and honeymoon.
  19. penguinavalanche

    (2015) 2015 brides??

    I signed with bridal boutique already but im very kpo..will also search for gowns online just to understand the market. :) curious bah...