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    Looking for solemniser

    You can also refer to the list here: and use the "message" button to contact the solemnisers.
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    Recommendations for rental of mother’s gown/cheongsam?

    You can check out this list:
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    Traditional/Chinese wedding, need advice

    You can refer to this article which likely will help:
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    Potential Lovenest / L'atelier Problem (City gate)

    If anyone needs help, can check out this article:
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    Any solemnizer recommendation?

    You can take a look at this list:
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    29 Mar 2024, 2am

    I'm sorry to hear this. You may want to re-evaluate if you want to marry this person. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and it is a decision that should not be taken lightly.
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    Fetching the Bride

    You can ask a close friend who is of younger age than the groom.
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    Digital certificate - Solemnisation affected

    We have compiled a list of solemnisers with spoken language indicated You can also use the "Message us" button to contact them. Hope you find your solemniser!
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    Anyone has any effective methods to slim down for my big day?

    @Dancerinangie You may also want to consider intermittent fasting. For a start, I'll suggest 16/8, meaning, you fast for 16 hours and eat within an 8 hour window. The usual eating window will be 12 noon - 8 PM. So the meal you skip will be breakfast. You'll still be able to have lunch with...
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    Anyone has any effective methods to slim down for my big day?

    Please feel free to post here or message me if you have any questions. Jia you!
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    Anyone has any effective methods to slim down for my big day?

    I'm not a bride but I've done the following that worked for me. If you would like to accelerate your weight loss, you may want to consider doing the following. This is what I've done to drop my weight from 78kg to 64kg in a year's time. These are also some lifestyle changes that will continue...
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    A confession of a married man

    In your own words, your family has tolerated you for 26 years. You have only tried to change yourself in the past 2 years. How is your 2 years compared to their 26 years? If you really want to save the relationships, be equally prepared to use 26 years of your life to redeem and prove yourself...
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    Need advice urgently

    I hope you can find it in your heart to let the past go. Your husband's mistake was made in the past and what you have together is a future together. Don't focus on the past. Let it go and look forward to a better future. We all make mistakes big and small but we as humans must be given a chance...
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    Solemniser asked for particulars

    I wrote in ROM to check if it is normal for a solemniser to ask for occupation and salary. They called me back and informed me some solemnisers are very helpful in which they will help the couples submit the marriage application form which have fields that ask for occupation and gross monthly...