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  1. tomasulu

    Are u okay if ur bf...

    It's nothing wrong but... why? And why two?
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    If we don't do what we don't feel like doing, nothing will get done.
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    Wife cheated and baby not mine

    Can you or can you not live with her and the child? You've to face the child the rest of your life and good or bad you will be reminded that he is not yours. If you can't it's better you let them go.
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    Can't be. It's a myth that most guys want to marry down. Achievements especially if they translate into more income for the family are welcomed by most guys I know. What's true is that fat or ugly girls are universally dislike. With fat worse than ugly. You can't make up away fat. Or you...
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    Are you physically unattractive?
  6. tomasulu

    Insecurities with girlfriend's job

    Even if there is nothing between them now, it will remain a dark possibility in your mind. Also a demanding boss is one thing, your gfs devotion to her job/him is frankly disconcerting. Yacht? Hotel room? Resort?? She needs to set her boundaries with her boss.
  7. tomasulu

    Choice at 42

    Once a chick hit the big 40, for every year that passes she adds three. I've seen good looking 35 yo guys but few 45 yo chick who still turn heads. Cue Zheng guoping and his dowdy wife. Antonio and whatshername. And their age gap is not ten years. Eventually he will mind. Don't do it.
  8. tomasulu

    Maintaining a healthy marriage, how to?

    I guess the vows forgot to mention - in reticence of speech and expressing love. Health and financial troubles, those are the easy stuff.
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    Is pity or duty sex common among Singaporean couples?

    News flash: Duty <anything> is not only common but expected in a marriage.
  10. tomasulu

    Wife's EA...what should i do?

    This hope4me is clueless. He pretends he wants advice but what he really crave for is affirmation to (continue to) be stupid. Group hugs and kumbaya and all is well, hooray!
  11. tomasulu

    Married 2 months.... And its all spiraling down~

    From the dramatic way you described the last farewell with your eh female companions. To how you unloaded your past on her without being asked. I get the sense you're self centered and have a false sense of gallantry maybe. I also don't believe she hid her true personality so well that you're...
  12. tomasulu

    Chinese n Malay wedding

    i don't understand wanting someone to be a part of a religion against his or her will. why? if you are old enough to get married, you are old enough to say no to your mum. and for her to say no to her dad if she does decide to convert.
  13. tomasulu

    What have i done to deserve this?

    Why aren't you out there celebrating with your buddies? This is the best thing that can happen to anyone! Is it because of the haze?
  14. tomasulu

    Crushed and confused

    Why not just walk away? Both of you want very different things in life.
  15. tomasulu

    Any good Geomancer to recommend?

    i didn't know that, thanks.
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    Getting married young

    Are you mature? By my definition that means your value system, your outlook on life, your worldview, your likes and dislikes, the company you enjoy, things that are important - they are pretty much set. and you have a store of life experiences and come across enough people to know what you want...
  17. tomasulu

    Getting married young

    Diamonds are definitively not in short supply. If de beers wanted to, it can crush prices overnight. Why do people speak of things they don't know? Diamond rings bought from a retail store will depreciate much the moment you stepped out the door.
  18. tomasulu

    Men give love for sex....women give sex for love....true??

    Why do you want to live your life by sound bites?
  19. tomasulu

    Would you stay in this weird marriage?

    "stay" is a bit of a stretch. They've both left but didn't bother with the paperwork.
  20. tomasulu

    Horrible: Buttercups Montessori - Bus Operator

    Where is your police report?