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    WTS:Grand Copthorne Hotel Dinner 2020

    Hi! Can I check whether the hotel able to do 25 tables ?
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    Looking for wedding dinner banquet in Dec 2019

    Hi! I’m looking for wedding banquet to take over in December 2019. Best will be on 21 December 2019. Drop me pm if you are keen to sell. Thank you!
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    WTB Bugis Intercontinental 30 November package to be let go at discount

    Hello belle, can the date be change to December ?
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    WTS: Andaz Wedding Lunch Nov 2019 Min 10 tables $4k discount!

    Can the date be change to December 2019?
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    WTS Wedding banquet at Swissotel fairmont! WITH HUGE DISCOUNTS!

    Hi Eugene, how much are you selling and how many tables? Lunch or dinner ?
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    Crazy Price~! Selling 1 Altitude Wedding Banquet Dinner 2019

    Still available? If so how much ?