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  1. Kathy Meow

    ROM at home

    1. Confirm date, book JP! 2. Food : best go for buffet ( can chose mini buffet for 15pax more affordable) 3. Photo/ceremony corner. Best to be white wall so in photo look nice 4. Outfit for u n ur fiancé 5. Inform ur guest early
  2. Kathy Meow

    BTB 2021

    Budgeting is hard since prices increase each year But best to secure the current promo deal n in 2021 it’s a good price
  3. Kathy Meow

    Devastated and Lost

    I’m so sorry for what u guys have to go through. This is a penny of my thoughts, but of course I’m not your wife, what I will be saying is what I have been observing and they applied well to me as a female. 1. For female, we don’t make any sudden decision or wake up the next day n become a...
  4. Kathy Meow

    Roving Photographer VS Photo Booth

    I suggest u request for a sample first ! It’s free but very giddy for me Don’t like it Was very interested in gif photography initially
  5. Kathy Meow

    2019 BTB

  6. Kathy Meow


    Do u have other items photos
  7. Kathy Meow

    Wedding deco for sale

    CAn I have a look At the bird cage n candle holder How much u letting them go
  8. Kathy Meow

    Marked as spam/ inappropriate

    Hi admin Please help me to solve this issue. Every reply I wanted to make will be label as this whole I’m sure it’s not spam
  9. Kathy Meow

    2019 BTB

    Hii Are there any BTB 2019 WhatsApp group around ? If not I will create 1 if a lot of people is interested:)))
  10. Kathy Meow

    2019 BTB

    I wanted to capture that moment when my HTB tear up too But then think again, he alrdy See me in other gowns for prewedding Will this effect stil works ?
  11. Kathy Meow

    2019 BTB

    Anyone heard of Sky Garden at Sentosa for venue ?
  12. Kathy Meow

    2019 BTB

    Does this practice apply for wedding day or rom as well
  13. Kathy Meow

    2019 BTB

    Anyone experience this for ur gown trying session? Like the Shop coordinator will preselects a few gowns they think will suit u n ask u to trust their designer n experience Instead of letting u roam around n look at the gown
  14. Kathy Meow

    2019 BTB

    Anyone heard of Sky Garden at Sentosa there
  15. Kathy Meow

    Need suggestions on wedding emcee

    Hii The price is according to hours ? Or per package ?
  16. Kathy Meow

    Letting go- Photobooth + 1 to 1 table shoot, AD PG & VG, AD MUA

    Able to sell these services separately right
  17. Kathy Meow

    AD VG - reviews please?

    Please share the pricing as well
  18. Kathy Meow

    Photo booth service advices ??

    Anyone heard of ubersnap photobooth service ?