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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    hi princessie! congrats! i'm also looking at waterfront. but i wasnt in time for the wedding show as my finace is currently overseas. when is ur jan date in 2013? mine is also in jan 2013 and realised that everywhere is on waiting list! haha! may i knw hw much was the deposit needed for GCW...
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    Carlton Hotel

    hi all, i'm new here! =P i've just met my coordinator to view the ballroom. its not fantastic but i love the march in for Empress 4 & 5. cant complain for the price package though the perks are really pathetic as even food tasting in under one of the wishes??! well, thank god i...
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    (2013/01) Jan 2013 BTB

    hi all! im a BTB in jan 2013! anyone has any recommendation for banquet venues? thanks!