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    Forever Aloe Sun Lips to Let Go

    I have new ones to sell away. Bought too much. at $6 per tube. Self collect at Yishun/ Sembawang.
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    Any dentist to recommend for braces - good and at reason price

    Anyone heard of clear aligner? transparent plastic type. I started mine with MBrace, clear aligner system manufactured in Singapore. Its been 9 months and results pretty good. As compared to the others brands, which i am quoted >$7500... this is more affordable. Ultimately, they are almost the...
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    Hi Brides, Recently my friend intro me of this clear aligner system. Its Clear, Comfortable. Anyone try?
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    Any Dental to recommend for Cosmetic Dentistry or Smile Makeover?

    Recently a friend intro me clear aligner. She done her at one of the clinic at marine parade, and the price is affordable.
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    Premarital health screening

    Hi Celene, I am contactable at [email protected]
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    Premarital health screening

    anyone interested in health screening plus one-to-one analyse of result? pm me for details...
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    Any good cleanser?

    Hi jasmine do u want to try out forever living products.. I got super sensitive skin.. After i use it for a 6months consciously.. I see results.. Now my new born baby also using the cleanser as body wash.. Jasmine
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    Hi pink, 88 per session... However,i find them "eat" off some products... and that is my mum' friend and mum packages... so didnt want to grumble... now we found another home-based salon,cheap and good... so once a while go sothys not so heart pain....
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    A PLACE to recommend your favourite beauty products.

    Hi, I have a new set of face lifting mask to sell away. comes with contour mask powder + activator. Anyone interested,pls email me at [email protected]
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    i stay in sembawang. My therapist stay around here... yupz mother friend is the therapist...
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    hi pinkpiglet, where u stay?
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    Any plus size brides want to exercise as a group to slim down for their wedding?

    hi elaine babe, I am staying in sembawang... interested to go togther?
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    Acupuncture - Slimming??

    Hi, Congrats to all btb.. In between i am mother of 1 girl liaoz... Show how old i am le.. My ad was upon a time on 20 oct 2007! Lolz didnt reduce that much weight that time..
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    Acupuncture - Slimming??

    Hi Jasmine, I have emailed you.
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    Acupuncture - Slimming??

    Hi Jasmine, Do you mind share the contact with me?
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    Good facial to recommend

    Hi smilem, Yes, she has machine. Yes! She does thorough extraction and steam... Hopes that answer your question.
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    Good facial to recommend

    Yupz.. I tried.. very details.. especially u may have ur own products... and how u can fully make use of them.. totally not pushy... $45 nett for deep cleansing...
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    Good facial to recommend

    Hi smilem, U may want to try out at de.dreamzlink beaute at sembawang. Their email, [email protected]