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  1. pencil12

    Carlton Hotel

    Just had my wedding there last Saturday at Carlton, everything went on very smoothly with Dennis and Nicholas ( wedding coordinators) being very helpful and responsible from the start till the end of the wedding. Dennis is very accommodating and responsive to my request and queries prior to the...
  2. pencil12

    simplywinnethepooh's stuff for sale

    i need the light and dark blue petals, can email me at [email protected]
  3. pencil12

    WTS Photoshoot props

    how much are you selling for the Lace Parasol please email me at [email protected]
  4. pencil12

    Carlton Hotel

    Hi Starlights, glad to hear that :D
  5. pencil12

    Carlton Hotel

    don think so? the last was in 2010..
  6. pencil12

    Carlton Hotel

    hi Starlights, thanks for the confirmation.
  7. pencil12

    (2013) 2013 Brides

    hi, im a march 2013 bride =) anyone booked their banquet at carlton?
  8. pencil12

    Additional photos charges?

    just a question, if i book a BS package at 48 poses? do you think i can reduce the no. of photos at the end of the day? or its already binded in the receipt, i die die must choose all the 48 poses?
  9. pencil12


    HI kel, can i have the contact of the cake shop as well?
  10. pencil12

    Carlton Hotel

    anyone can confirm if william left?
  11. pencil12

    Carlton Hotel

    Hi HX, how much did u top up for the braised abalone?
  12. pencil12

    Carlton Hotel

    Just booked with them. I find william not bad. Can approach him.
  13. pencil12

    Orchard Hotel

    i think they revise their price because those were the left over dates ( more unpopular dates) as those popular ones would have been taken up.
  14. pencil12

    Carlton Hotel

    hi all, can i check what are the perks that is negoiated for carlton hotel? heee, want to make my booking for march 2013 but not too sure if i should wait awhile to see if there is any wedding fair? The perks in the standard package is abit little.
  15. pencil12

    Where to get honey jars??

    hi all, may i know where to purchase the mini candy jar too?