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    any good banquet manager from Conrad, Pan Pacific and Fairmont to recommend? Thanks :)

    Looking at wedding packages in Fairmont, Pan Pacific and Conrad however the people i contacted seem slow to reply. Could any kind souls here recommend your banquet managers who are proactive and flexible? thanks a lot. You could SMS me at 90663780 or email me at [email protected] or...
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    Conrad Centennial Singapore

    Can anyone share the package and freebies you've gotten for Conrad? Will be making appointment to meet the banquet manager this weekend. Thanks for your help :) [email protected]
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    Regent Singapore

    hi can someone please share your weekend dinnr package and also Natalie's contact? thank a lot [email protected]
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    Conrad Centennial Singapore

    Hi can someone share their package for weekend dinner with me and also EY's contact please? thanks a million. [email protected]
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    (2014/09) September 2014 BTB

    anyone can share your package for weekend dinner at fullerton, im looking at around 30-35 tables but don't really wish to take the ballroom which we need to walk down flight of stairs..
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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    hi can anyone share your package at GCW and also Lynn's contact? A s they are in my shortlist of venues. thanks a lot.
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    Wedding Package to let go at a cheaper price! URGENT!

    email sent. kindly furnish more information thanks a lot
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    Dear all, any bridal shop to recommend for actual day gown and suit?

    Is there any particular shop that youd recommend?
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    Fairmont Hotel

    thanks! able to gimme your wedding planners contact? interested to find out more about fairmont too.
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    Any Emcee Speech to Share?

    hi able to email me the emcee script? thanks a lot [email protected]
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    Dear all, any bridal shop to recommend for actual day gown and suit?

    Hi all, Have signed a package with bluebay for the taiwan shoot but it doesn't include the actual day gowns and suits. Any good recommendations? thanks a lot :)
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    Any upcoming hotel wedding showcase? Thank you

    thanks a lot thanks a lot
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    Any upcoming hotel wedding showcase? Thank you

    Hi all, As per subject, appreciate any response. :)
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    Fairmont Hotel

    hi beegirl, how was the food at fairmont? thanks
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    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

    hi Summer baby my email address is [email protected] thanks!
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    this page is rather quiet, not many people holding their weddings at GWP hotel?
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    Any good king-sized bed to recommend?

    just bought mine at Courts, brand is Sealy costs around $3k and its not too hard and not too soft for me as i have back problems. Good thing is that i used to have backaches when i was sleeping in my previous mattress as i'm a bit overweight but now all the pain is gone.