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    Overseas Photo?

    It depends on your budget, but I must say there are a few nice places in Malaysia that has similar settings to Old English Style. PM me your email address if you wan me to share some of pictures I took.
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    hi fiona, can you please email me the contact person of the corsages? it looks beautiful!!! thanks! [email protected]
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    Catholic Brides

    hello... are there any nativity church BTBs here?
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    Speech for Emcees

    Hi able to share with me as well? (Both english n chinese version) [email protected] Thanks!
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    An emcee script for the wedding dinner

    Hi able to share with me as well? (Both english n chinese version) [email protected] Thanks!
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    NuBra Fan Club

    hi girls, i have not collected my nubra from kim. is there anyway for me to contact her, since the old thread is no longer ard?
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    Catholic Brides

    hi girls... during the church wedding march in, the flower girl and page boy will walk in front of the bride right? will anyone hold our 'train' when we're marching in?
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    St Anne's Brides

    hi lorraine, can u pls email me a copy at [email protected]? thank u so much!
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    Catholic Brides

    hi anita, it will be better for u to call up your celebrant to arrange for the session. the priest may be too tied up to arrange for all these sessions
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    Catholic Brides

    i was wondering if any of you have the mass booklet in Microsoft Powerpoint format? if so, cld u please email me at [email protected] thank u so much
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    Catholic Brides

    i'm budgetting ard $400 for printing. i am wondering if i shld go ahead with printing the mass booklet, so that others can bring home a copy? rather than just using the projector.
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    Catholic Brides

    i'm currently wonder if i shld print the mass booklet, or use the projector.... the church requires me to pay $300 for the usage of projector, which is pretty expensive!!
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    Club Chinois

    Hi Justina, thanks for sharing the photos with us. it is indeed nice to noe that the guests were satisfied with the food. can definitely trust tung lok with that =) is any of you intending to extend another nite's stay at the suite?
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    Catholic Brides

    diana, which church are u getting married in? some churches have their own florist, and i think the church will look nicer with some deco around. perhaps you can consider some simple deco?
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    Catholic Brides

    mandy, i think if the priest is unable to confirm with u now, u can look for another priest first? and if the first priest is able to make it, they can co-celebrate the mass? will it be better?
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    Club Chinois

    Hi pringirl, i feel that 28 tables will be too cramped. does 28 tables include the 2 reserved tables? cos i understand from Cornelius that from 28 tables onwards, the chairs will be placed back to back, and ur guests will not have much space to move around.
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    Wedding Songs for you

    hi, can u send me the link as well? [email protected] Thanks!
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    From This Moment full version with vow at the beginning

    hi JJ, can u send me the song as well? [email protected] Thanks!
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    Catholic Brides

    hi anita, the deco in the picture is indeed very lovely!!