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    (2012/08) AUG 2012 BTB

    i am extremely tired too... hopefully faster over.. haha!!
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    (2012/08) AUG 2012 BTB

    oh brides to be, about one month left.. how u gals feeling????
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    (2012/08) AUG 2012 BTB

    so many things to do yet so little time.. I havent start on GDL stuffs, food tasting, invitation printed, haven't collect.. argh, i getting gan jiong!!
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    Choir For Catholic Church

    hi all, where can i get chinese choir? Do anyone have any contacts?
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    (2012/08) AUG 2012 BTB

    hi kitty pretty angel, 2 months? how come so long? I gg to choose my pic tml, so looking forward. I haven't choose my soleminser yet.
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    Where to do nice bridal nails?

    i am also searching
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    (2012/08) AUG 2012 BTB

    gals, i changed my settings in fb liao.. try adding me again!
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    (2012/08) AUG 2012 BTB

    hi kitty_pretty angel, i can't find you on fb.. can u try my email again or send me a msg. Wow so excited, 4 more months and looks like so many things to do and i have not started yet.. Picking up the mood after photogrpahy i think, next fri will be my bridal shots. So happy. Now i...
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    (2012/08) AUG 2012 BTB

    never really prepare much till date.. i think the big part is table arrangement!! kitty pretty angel, u may add me!
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    Anyone had a To-do-list for helpers on wedding day?

    can i have a copy as well please. thanks! [email protected]
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    (2012/08) AUG 2012 BTB

    Hello moodyliser!! are you busy with preparation as well?
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    (2012/08) AUG 2012 BTB

    oh my package do not have actual day photography so i am looking for one now
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    (2012/08) AUG 2012 BTB

    oic, i am taking local photography so I nv split. I havent finish trying the gowns. Have you found your photographer for AD?
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    (2012/08) AUG 2012 BTB

    that's fast. oh you split your photography to 2 days?
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    (2012/08) AUG 2012 BTB

    Hi all, i havent really start planning.. trying hard to pick up the mood.. how about u gals?
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    Who got the Marriage Budget Spreadsheet?

    Hi, i would like a copy as well. Thanks! [email protected]
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    Anyone knows of good wallpaper shop in singapore?

    I have the same issue as well, Helen! Don't whether I can repaint it.
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    Advice on Bridal Shops & Services

    Hi all, I went to two bridal studios today, Bridal Zone and Bliss Creation. Both prices were like a huge diff. Any advise on what should i look out for? I am alittle confused.
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    Actively searching for BS now - Thread for sharing

    hi can you share wif me what bad experience you have with bliss bridal creations. I just went down and look at their bridal package. would love some feedback.