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    Need someone to talk to

    Hi, I am desperately crying for help and need someone to talk to. Male here with 2 kids and going to divorce. Could you pls PM me if you can talk or share your experience?
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    Desperation. Need advice on marriage

    Yeap, both set of parents are aware and they give us their blessing. Everyone is happy. Touching the bottom of our heart, I am going to be ashame to say that if it's not for the baby, most probably we would not be marrying. :(
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    Desperation. Need advice on marriage

    Thank you Miloice.. It is so difficult to communicate now between us. I am praying everyday that things will turn out well and trying to keep myself sane. I used to be a very happy man, and for close to half a year now, depression sunk in.
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    Desperation. Need advice on marriage

    Hi, I am coming to my wits end and hence I am going to write here to get some wisdom. I am in my 30s and my wife to be is 3 years older than me. Like all couples, we started well and in less than one year of dating, we had the intention to marry in 2014. Things changed since the mid of this...