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    Just came back from Korea with HT, our skiing session was in the morning about 10am till noon then we went for the gondola ride up Dragon's Peak. Overall HT's itinerary was ok, not that much rushing around and we managed to finish everything so the last day was quite relaxing. Only...
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    I'm booked with Hong Thai but departing on 8 Jan 07. Last I checked, there's already 14 pax in my group so confirmed departure. Can't wait!! =>
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    Hilarion Goh Photography

    Hi Hilarion, Is it possible to email me a sample of your work on actual day wedding photography? Thanks in advance [email protected]
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    Photo on the Wedding Card

    Hi Mandy, have received your email...thanks very much...the box is really very unique...
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    Photo on the Wedding Card

    Hi Mandy, I am curious after all these talk, can i have a look too, am interested to know how the ang bao box look like too...10 Q [email protected]
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    Beware! 5 day to actual wedding!

    Hi Wedding, Please also email me the name of the shop, thanks! [email protected]
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    hey sunny many many thanks
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    Hi Sunny, Can i have a copy of your recipes too? My email address is [email protected] Thanks a lot.
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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    hi, jus to check with those who have book wif them...the minimum number of tables is 45 rite? i dun think they have anything from 25-30 tables???