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    Looking for Wedding Banquet Wine Service.

    Hi! You found your lobang? If not, pm me as I have one.
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    2019 BTB

    Hehehe Thank you coldjade. hm... i won't be able to know what dress I be wearing until I am at the bridal studio in Jeju Island in next year March. I don't think can wear flipflop as the weather will be very cold. I been thinking of wear sneakers on my AD ... lol.. more comfortable...
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    Need suggestions on wedding emcee

    Hello...can send me the list too? Thank you!
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    2019 BTB

    Ladies, I have a question. Will you be buying 2 separate pairs of heels for PWS and AD? I be going to Jeju Island for PWS and BS told me to bring a pair of white heel and a pair of silver heels for the PWS. Can we wear back the same pair for my AD? Or AD need to wear a brand new heel?
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    2019 BTB

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    2019 BTB

    Hi Carolyn, Yah that sounds better, first march in then do solemnisation on stage... Can you share your AD itinerary? Thank you in advance !
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    2019 BTB

    Hi I am June BTB here. I am having a lunch banquet and will be having Gatecrash, Tea Ceramony, ROM and Lunch banquet on the same day. As I am a Teochew bride, I have to leave my house before 0659. Any Teochew brides here and can share their itinerary ?Also I have to do my ROM at the ballroom...
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    Andaz Singapore

    Hello anyone taking their dinner package and can share info as I am considering either Andaz or ParkRoyal at Pickering St. I just email on them on the packages and availability for May or Jun 2019. Went to take a visit to Andaz last weekend to see the area and ballroom.
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    WTS Park Royal Pickering Dinner Package can be discuss on date for postpone

    Hello still avaliable? Please email me the details to [email protected]
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    Selling away this BN Samasung Gear which was redeemed from Samsung on 31 Aug. Comes with 1 year warranty. Selling at $198.00. Need to register the warranty by 7 Sept. Interested buyers, pls PM me.
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    Mahjong kakis in Tampines/Simei/Bedok

    Any1 need kaki for this Saturday noon game?
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    8kg Loss within 7 weeks

    Hey babe! Still got time but must be well discipline babe. Dont worry about the needles, they are like ant bites. If you are interested to know more details on my program, pm babe.
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    8kg Loss within 7 weeks

    Hi Mei Mei, When is your wedding? I went thru accupunture slimming for 3 mths about 3 years ago and still maintaing. I lost a totoal of 11kg in 3mth thru diet program, acuputure and taking suppliments. If you interested, you may pm me.
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    8kg Loss within 7 weeks

    Hi Melinda, You may try the accuputure weight lost program. I have lost 11kg within 3 mths of the program and now maintain my weight. If you are interested, do pm me.
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    Pai Du Mei Yuan Bao

    Any1 selling S Factor ? Please pm me if you have any bottles (unopen) left...
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    8kg Loss within 7 weeks

    Any1 selling S Factor ? Please pm me if you have any bottles (unopen) left...
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    Acupuncture Slimming

    Any1 selling S Factor ? Please pm me if you have any bottles (unopen) left...
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    Acupunture Slimming

    Any1 selling S Factor ? Please pm me if you have any bottles (unopen) left...
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    Any mahjong players out there?

    Hi, I am staying in the east also... But will be able to play on weekdays only. I play only 30/60 no coins dont mind playing on 50/$1 but not shooters style.