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    hi neighbours.. our lovenest is @ Fernvale Vista too.. =) just passed by the area today.. most of the blocks are built until level 6.. =p hopefully they can finish building by end of next year.. hee
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    Silverlining Bridal Couture

    Tiffy, thanks for your suggestion, i tired to email some of the other bridal shops, but never receive their replies.. believe that they normally don't share package via email.. that why thought of popping into this thread to check out the rates..
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    Silverlining Bridal Couture

    hihi, anyone can share with me the bridal package for Sliverlining? send me @ [email protected] thanx thanx.. =)
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    Speech by bride/groom

    hi, can i have a copy of the speech too? [email protected] thanx ^_^
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    Thank you speech

    hi, can anyone send me a copy of both English and Mandarin thank you speech too? [email protected] thanx ^_^
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    hi gals, anyone has the quotation for 2008 package? can send me at [email protected] thanx ^_^
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    hi bubble, can send me the quotation for 2008 package too? [email protected] thanx ^_^
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    Amara Singapore

    hi gals, i'm also interested to find out more about the next year wedding package being offered by Amara Sanctuary.. anyone has the package details, can send to me at [email protected] thanx ^_^
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    Anyone go Taiwan for honeymoon on Sept/Oct'07

    hi all, i'm going Taiwan after my ROM in Nov 07.. just booked a 7D trip at the NATAS today.. will be extending the stays in Taipei, but haven't decide to continue our stays at Kilin Hotel (the one included in the package) or to stay in other hotels.. any recommendations for hotels in ximending?
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    Love to make desserts / 甜点, gather here!

    thanks Tiffy.. =) any of you interested to go for the baking sessions taught by phoonhuat? =) maybe we can register and learn together.. keke
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    Love to make desserts / 甜点, gather here!

    does the workshop includes the ingredients har? i'm interested with baking too.. =)
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    Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre

    hi gers, after reading many successful examples from this thread, think i will book appointment with them for consultation.. =Þ want to shed off my fats siaz.. are you all going to the one located at Starhub? btw, if anyone interested to sign up with amin, can pm me? maybe we can...
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    Egypt Tour

    hi twinkly, i enjoyed my egypt trip during last dec.. ya, dec is one of the best time to visit egypt.. at least it's more cooling.. =) Roger, your Japan trip is a recent trip? just went Japan about 2 months back.. we didn't join any travel agency.. it's a F & E trip.. their things are so...
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    Solemnisation at Amara Swimming Pool

    haha... at least is a memorable moment being shared being two of you.. hee =) okie, will take note about the tempting chocolate truffle.. keke..
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    Solemnisation at Amara Swimming Pool

    icic.. your JP is Mrs Chia har? heard people mentioned that she will ask the couple to write their own vows.. when we signed the contract, we didn't ask for the chocolate truffle to be inside the menu, now still can request har?
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    Solemnisation at Amara Swimming Pool

    althought it may be hot, but it still be better than a rainny day.. =) yesterday morning has a heavy rain pour.. lucky you're not caught in it.. keke how come you're standing in the sun while taking your vows? and not seated inside the pavilion? my coordinator is patricia too.. the...
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    Solemnisation at Amara Swimming Pool

    Congras shice! Hope you have a memorable 070707 day~
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    07/07/2007 - hot date for ROM?

    Congras to all couples who ROM today!
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    B+ blood group seems to have weight/constipation problem

    hi kokoyln, received the files already.. thanx again.. =)
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    B+ blood group seems to have weight/constipation problem

    Hi kokolyn can email me too at [email protected]? Thanx! =)