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    WTS: Local Designer Danny L Gowns & Others

    1. Elegrance ROM / Day White Dress - Here 2. Danny L Sweetheart Cut White Gown - Here 3. Chinese Tea Ceremony Cheongsam - Here 4. Evening Purplish Gold Deep V Glitter Gown - Here 5. Elegrance Bolero (paired with Wedding Gown for New Look) - Here For Mothers or Mother-In-Law 1...
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    can anyone share their events coy that decorated the Vanda Ballroom? Fiona very slow in her response :(
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    Tranfer Case Successful?

    Anyway did a transfer successfully? What are the usual course of action? Please advise as we are keen with one package but also want to exercise caution.
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    WTS Hotel Rendezvous Wedding Banquet in 2019

    is this still available?
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    Crowne Plaza Hotel, Changi Airport

    any reviews on crown plaza? i can't find many reviews.
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    anyone can share comments about Vanda Ballroom? I read reviews that the ceiling is very low and very cramped and sound system isn't good.
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    Pan Pacific Wedding Dinner Tables to let go

    Can PM me the details too? thank you
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    Dinner package @ Mandarin Oriental

    is this still available? how much are you letting go?
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    Pan Pacific Wedding Dinner Tables to let go

    Is this still available?
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    Wts conrad centennial 16 March 19 Lunch

    how much are you looking to let go?
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    Malaysian Tour Agencies

    Anyone used to book their tours from Malaysian Tour Agencies? My friend went on her Korea Trip via a Malaysian Tour Agent and paid RM4000 for the whole trip. Was planning one to Rome. Anyone have any ideas?
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    MUA Recommendations

    Can i know how much is Valda charging for ROM 1 look for MUA and Hairstyling?
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    MUA & Hairstylist

    Can share with me her contact too? Roughly how much does she charge?
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    MUA to recommend

    anyone can share teh updated prices from Am looking for a MUA + Hairstylist for my ROM. But i'm not willing to spend $300.
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    MUA in Italy

    if anyone needs, they can look for mine. She's a pinoy lady staying in Rome. She's self-taught and quite decent plus free trial at your venue. Jeneca: [email protected]
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    WTS Wedding Package Pan Pac Dec 23 2018

    Is this still available? I would like to use it mid next year though. possible ?
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    WTS: Elegrance ROM Gown

    Hi, am letting go of my ROM Gown at $200. It is unique as Swarvoski crystals are added to the top by myself for that added glitter. Free Size as it's ties at the back. Will include in remaining crystals and the non-woven gown bag for free.
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    MUA for mums

    Looking for MUA for my ROM for myself and my mum. Anyone has good contacts?