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    May i have some suggestion for a solemnisation for 200 pax

    Hi, alicia would you to pm me your email?
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    Dessert Buffet, anyone?

    A lot of people also looking into buffet luncheon or high tea reception. Aspialle looking into one also? Jenson: True, buffet should be able to 'make' some $.
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    10-20 pax ROM

    Hi there Khoo, found your place already? Care to share?
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    Advice on Relgion Problem

    did you actually discuss with hubby on their preferences? Actaually I know some people reading this might think that it's a 2 person affair. But at least respect both side parents and wishes first. Don't do it and then go and break their hearts. Just my two cents worth. Anyway for anastasiazen...
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    Anyone ROM on 11.11.2011

    Thanks Estella. Did not use all these during my time. Held my wedding in the church.
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    ROM in restaurants? Pls suggest!

    people nowadays prefer simplicity and also budget is a major factor and choosing to spend more on their honeymoon instead.
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    (2011) 2011 Brides

    mm.. It's near punggol. Have to check with my wifey again. Then again, found something for you. Perhaps you can take a look?
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    (2011) 2011 Brides

    I done the marriage Preparation Course though. It was an eye-opener and useful.
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    ROM in restaurants? Pls suggest!

    Hi there, are you looking to do it in one? Haha, best if you could include your AD and also pax and also budget. Time would be ideal too so others can see. Thanks.
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    Dinner Buffet - cheap and good ones?

    Is this thread still active?
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    Any cooking masters here?

    HI Andrea: Did you try this recipe by the way? Just curious and indeed it is with a twist.
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    Where to go for Hi-tea (3pm to 6pm)

    seems like this thread already `stopped?
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    (2011) ROM in 2011

    good luck to you BTB out there. I got cust roming in oct and also in nov (hot date) all very romantic and daring.
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    ROM at 3.30 pm where to go for hi tea after that

    wow, seems like all you guys have the funny timings...
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    Restaurant recommendations for ROM

    Just wondering if anyone did it in a small private and tatami room before?
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    Advice needed on Parents Meeting Session

    Dear Jenny: You guys engaged with your parents consent? If the answer is yes, which I should think so then that should not be a problem. Have a talk with your father and mother and see where is the problem. And also are you the only child in the family?
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    Advice on Relgion Problem

    Hello Jamie: How are things so far? and I had a church wedding while mine is a one day event. Everything all in KAO KAO. But fun! ok here's how it is. 1. Pick wife in am (me and bros waiting for coffee chop water to boil before eat bfast) 2. After bang door and do all things, pick wife back to...
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    Advice needed-How to conceive?

    Hi All: Am need here, anyway I feel that having a baby is a committment and is no easy feat. But at the end of the day when your kid calls you and plays with you is a feeling simply undescribable. And then times you spend looking at him/her when they are sleeping, taking photos of them, sharing...
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    Anyone ROM on 11.11.2011

    Hello everybody, i'm new here and anyone can tell me what is jp and ad please thanks.