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    Where to get nice durian puff ?

    I agree. I also like the ones at Goodwood Park.
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    Is $6000 able to buy 0.8C diamond ring???

    Try Meyson at Marine Parade. I think their diamonds more value for money.
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    Wedding Shoes

    Try City Plaza.
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    Advice on Ikea's Blinds and curtains

    Hi all, My parents used to install those wooden curtain rods from Ikea. But it was very difficult to pull the curtains. Too much friction.
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    Reliable curtain shop

    Hi Cameron, It's roller blinds. Black out kind. So far so good. I discovered a tear only when the delivery men left, so sms the salesman. He was very nice, told me not to worry. Then ten minutes later, the delivery men showed up to remove that blind. It was replaced one week later. We decided...
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    Reliable curtain shop

    I went to Jimmy textile. Did blinds for a living room and three bedrooms. Cost me $1070.
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    Lorenzo-any comments?

    Anyone here has Lorenzo membership card?
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    L-shaped sofas...where to get?

    Hi all, It's now really not easy to get a simple L-shaped full leather sofa. Nowadays, the sofas come with head reat and recliner. I have been looking around for 3 months for a simple one to no avail.
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    Aero Furnishing

    Hi all, Chance upon this thread and decide to give some feedback. We got a L-shaped study table from Aero three years ago. And the laminate on the table top is popping up and tearing. The quality of the laminate is unlike our bed which we got four years ago. In fact the laminate of the bed is...