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    Question on process for AD morning

    Hi almondtea, from my fren's AD process, what i can see is that they pick up the bride at her parent's place. Went to Groom's parent's place for their tea ceremony. Moved on to their new place for photo taking. Returned back to bride's parents place for their tea ceremony and finished.
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    Why so hard to get locals?

    Hi TS, you dun accept PM. i may have lobang... Btw, alot of the engineering grads move on to other sectors, e.g financial, insurance, teaching...etc. and for fresh grads, there are really very very few freshies around.
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    Any good Eyebrow Countouring/Embroidery to recommend?

    For those who are deciding between eyebrow embroidery or creative embroidery. go for the cheaper eyebrow embroidery. i just went for creative embroidery, and it seems no real difference btw the normal embroidery and the creative/3D embroidery. diff btw normal EE and creative/3D E is that the...
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    Easy Way to Lose Weight

    swimming alone is not a good form of slimming down. swimming coupled with running improves yr stamina and tones your body... i lost weight during uni days from doing aerobics, running coupled with swimming. another way is to hit the gym. previously, i was able to slim down once i jog regularly...
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    China reunification with Taiwan

    shld tis be in the matter of hearts thread? anyway, technically both are china. one of republic of china, another one people's republic of china. just like waiting for hougang-aljunied reunification with rest of singapore...
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    KTV girls n songs

    no, unless it's for work.
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    Wedding gown

    cheaper ones are online wedding gowns... or 2nd hand wedding gown...
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    Marriage Leave Policy

    yup. my company's Marriage leave policy is like this too. this is to prevent ppl frm abusing this leave. the ROM cert is a more tangible means of confirming if you are getting married. rite now, since ur rOM has past more than 2 yrs, one way is to negotiate with ur boss if you can take Off in...
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    SAd and unhappy

    hi sad.... technically y r u staying in other hse? are u paying rental for the other hse? Y is ur sil staying at ur place? My mom used to stay with her mil while her sil (my aunt) was staying with her hubby at my parents' brand new hse... yet there was no bad blood btw them... eventually they...
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    Can I forgo the tea ceremony???

    ....hi jim, from ur statement, ur sil doesnt sound bad at all. u can't plan for pregnancy. to be preggy is a blessing...
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    Bride's family asking for tables AND Tea Ceremony

    1. For the tea ceremony, it depends on your family. For my case, my parents and their siblings, their children (my cousins), my grandparents and their siblings (grandaunties??). For cousins younger than me, I would give them an angpow. For married cousins older than me, they gave me the angpows...
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    I am confused and desperately need help....

    no lah... i just feel tat u guys are justifying her reasons to divorce her hb to be with a new guy... if there is no new guy involved, will she still stay in the poisoned marriage? moist, anyway, y do u want to dig up the fact tat he has no job... a bum is a bum... he can have a million and 1...
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    I am confused and desperately need help....

    actually, wat i dun understand is why TS has to wait 8 yrs to even decide "enuff is enuff". wat has changed now as compared to 7yrs ago is that there is a new man in her life now. so its more like the new love is changing her basic expectations of wat a hubby shld be. and tats y we are all...
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    Fresh Grad's pay

    of coz... if u can't beat them, join them. when the banks screws up, the whole screws up with them. when they earn $$, they earn it alone..... (^=^)
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    Help!! husband not interested in sex

    was reading abt maca supplements. supposed to increase strenth, sex drive and balancing hormones for both guys and gals blah blah... so if he is an doc and exercise freak, can ask him abt taking such supplements for strenght/improving ur PMS. its not like viagra where ppl will immediately...
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    F&E is the way to go - sharing some thoughts from our europe honeymoon

    hmmnnn, mar, apr booking for jun hols is abit late sia, but i can't rem if i booked it 2 mths in advance or not. coz i just rem tat i missed the emirates promo during mar timing. and only got the tics via natas fair...btw i need to tell u tat i did the multi-city stop about 2~3 yrs again... was...
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    F&E is the way to go - sharing some thoughts from our europe honeymoon

    when does natas fair comes around again? 1.7k is pretty ex, but if its direct flight, then its quite well worth it. previously i used emirates, which had a stop-over at dubai, it was cheap tink 700 to 900 per pax... but it was a damn long stop-over at dubai, abt 6hrs.... i waited until mushrooms...
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    Necessary to go to grooms house (our house) on AD?

    btw, even if u prefer to have the bride's ceremony before urs (assuming u r the groom), if ur family is not okay --> best to follow ur family coz no point being unhappy abt tis... if ur family is okay with this suggestions, best! So good luck to u!!!!
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    Necessary to go to grooms house (our house) on AD?

    actually tats shld be up to the groom's side rite?? but hor, i tot there is a meaning behind the flow of events... bride's tea ceremony is always after the groom's tea ceremony coz its to symbolize the 3 days later visit after the marriage. (Its a case of the bride 回娘家). Its up to the...
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    Beading Supplies

    i knw there's a couple of shops near city hall tat sells such stuff. more like crystal types.. tink there are semi-precious, but need to check. its like one whole stretch of shops selling such stuff. from city hall (st andrew catherdal), take 851 or bus 63. (actually there are other buses frm...