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    Taiwan bridal La Fatte Review

    Yes. Just certain location Eg. 花市。 as a tourist / local u also need to pay entry fee. So in this case, u pay for the photography team. But if u take photo in the public area. That's DOC of course
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    March 2018 BTB

    I'm done with photo shoot. Did in tw in march17
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    Taiwan bridal La Fatte Review

    My htb and I also took La Fatte Service and we are super satisfied with it. We actually didn't go through the road show. We bought over the NTD 2888 (S$3000) package from SGbride forum. Just nice we intend to have our holiday at TW, we made time for the photoshoot. Photographer: CK 总监 Lady...
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    March 2018 BTB

    Hi there. I'm a March 2018 BTB too. Big day on 31st March, at Mirama Hotel . Just looking around the forum and hope we don't miss important details for wedding. Cheers! I am also using love story! When do you intend to meet them for trial of gown? They told me like Nov Dec still good.
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    Letting go Bridal Package, AD Photog & Video, Vera Wang Gown, AD Makeup etc

    Is this still available? 4. Cepheus Photography AD Videography 5 hours (5 hours - Morning highlights & ROM same day) - $1,288
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    Actual Day Photo and Video to let go

    Hi. Pls drop me the details at [email protected] Thanks!
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    White Link Package to Let go :)

    Pls pm me the details! Thanks
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    White Link Package to Let go :)

    Pls advice on the price and expiry! Thanks
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    WTS: Rico A Mona package

    Pls pm me the price and details.
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    WTS Actual day package

    Hi. I would like to have more info pls.
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    Letting go AD photography, videography and Photo Booth package @ $1900 (negotiable)

    Has this been fully paid for? I would like to.know more details. Pls pm me. Thanks
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    Digio AD package to let go

    Pls pm me the details and pricing and t&c. Thanks
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    Letting go: Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel 9 Dec 17 (Sat Dinner)

    Hi. Pls the details! Thanks