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    "Just Married" Sign-Where to get

    Hi QingQing, Did you tie it on the bridal car? Is it hard to tie it?
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    1st dish song?

    Hi, can send 'Be my Guests' to [email protected]
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    "si dian jin (四点金)"

    It's so difficult to know what to choose when going with MIL to buy SDJ. I'm concerned that if I choose too "cheap" she might think I don't give "face", but if choose "exp" she might think I want to "chop" her. Hai~ Any advise??
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    2 way cake to recommend?

    Um, sorry, my email is [email protected]
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    2 way cake to recommend?

    Hi Beano, Would you kindly email me the list too? Greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Anybody try YESS salon at Raffles Place b4?

    Hi girls, I'm having a dilemma, always had rebonded hair but now thinking of doing curls but my FH dislike curl hair, god knows why. Went to YESS Salon, the price he quoted was $150 nett for all hair length but then later gary said I need to add to $205 for perm. In the end, didn't do. Any...
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    Hi Ruyi, kindly email [email protected] Thanks!
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    Wedding Band's Budget

    Hi Elvi, I would strongly recommend Fairy Inc if you're the kind of person who likes customisation and unique designs. You can just drop by there to take a look, see if there're any designs you like. Besides designs, you can also have the option of choosing white gold gloss/matte, rose gold...
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    Wedding Band's Budget

    Hi Pink and Dorami, Fairy Inc's address: 402 Orchard Road, #03-03 Delfi Orchard Singapore 238876. You can contact Evelyn or Sandra at 6235-5030. You can tell them you're referred by Evangeline & Edwin. They'll know. I haven't got my rings yet but going for collection soon. Will take...
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    Wedding Band's Budget

    Hi Dorami, We got our rings at Fairy Inc. You need to make an appointment with them before going or else the wait can be rather long. Though not a big shop, they're very attentive and detailed towards your needs. If you have any idea in mind, you can do a rough sketch and show it to them. My...