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    Bangkok Accomodation - Advice

    hi pal i went to marble for the massage too. they have a new branch which offers spa treatments
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    Featured Couple

    Chin leng, i think i sent my pics quite months back. i have not reply from you . how do i know if it will be posted?
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    Tung Lok (Group) Restaurant

    karyinn, club chinois is at orchard parade hotel. by tung lok too
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    Bangkok Accomodation - Advice

    Does Emporium has Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitoon, etc? i saw one shopping complex near SOGO. Hi, i do not have the website for marble house
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    Bangkok Accomodation - Advice

    Hi Bossanova, u can try spa at MARBLE House near Novotel. It is less than SGD100. Hi Pal, Give u an idea . Day 1 : went MBK and SIAM till nite Day 2 : Morning sight see. Noon at WTC and Pratunam, Nite at Night Bazaar Suan Lum DAy 3 : Morning Chatuchat, Noon at WTC, Evening Pat Phong, Night...
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    Bangkok Accomodation - Advice

    Hi Pal i managed to cover all the major markets and malls within 3.5 days . so no worries
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    Bangkok Accomodation - Advice

    hi pal, the place is conveient and it is within walking distance to many shopping belts. room wise is ok. abt 4 star.
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    Bangkok Accomodation - Advice

    hi pal i just came back from Bkk, stayed at Novotel too. but my package is $338 Pratunam is a market right inside those shop houses street. in those small lanes just few lanes away from that hotel. Just like wat sally mentioned, u can find the street where the street hawkers park their...
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    Orchard Parade Hotel-Club Chinos

    i had my wedding at cc. the food was excellent. Everyone who attended my wedding commented that the food is delicious, special (different frm other dinner) and sharks fin was good. last but not least abt the food was there's not much msg, its quite blend. for free flow of beer and corkage...
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    Tasmania Anyone?

    though it is end winter, it will still be colder than e rest of the Aussie Cities . Why not u check out the climate before u go?
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    M Hotel Singapore

    I totally agree with what October said!
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    Divorced Parents - How to phrase wordings?

    Divorced : Mr xxx and Mdm yyy Divorced and Deceased : Mr xxx (Deceased) and Mdm yyy Deceased but not divorced : Mr (Deceased) and Mrs xxx
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    hi mango, my nick is e same except is capital M which is Mango. In fact there are buses but not frequent though. Taxis are extremely costly. Would be better to rent a car. An alternative is to get Perth local tour packages so that coaches pick up will be provided. I guess you should be...
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    hi, i am planning to go for a 8 days Free and easy trip to perth in nov but would not be self driving. can i enquire how's the public tpt over there? would it be inconvenient to travel around? and how many places u gals/guys think i can cover for these 8 days taking the public tpt?
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    Mandarin Oriental Singapore

    Hi all m considering Oriental. Could any one share abt their chinese food std? So far, how is the services during the dinner? Tks much.
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    Amara Singapore

    hi there went to Amara yesterday to look at the ballroom n package. feel dat though the ballroom is longish n pillarless, it does not make it look very grand. to be fair, i did not see the full set up as there is no wedding then. the theme is interesting. btw, is amara a 4class or 5 class...
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    Any recommendations for sink?

    sunrise i am not sure which is more costly as i did not compare the price cos i am not interested in Granite ones. the stainless steel sink which is one of the more expensive ones around. abt $400.
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    Any recommendations for sink?

    kenny , get stainless steel cos things break easily on granite surface. my mom's using granite surface and regretted. cleaning is not easy too
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    Grand Plaza ParkRoyal Hotel

    hi lyves i had a very bad exp with GP, email me at [email protected]. hi starlight i email u liao.. received? mango
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    Any recommendations for sink?

    mine's Inox - got it from Yishun. Looks unique....