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    Mandarin Oriental or Fullerton

    I'm likely to be getting MO as well.. shall bid goodbye to the pretty ballroom and pray for MO to renovate their ballroom..:D I have pm-ed u separately! ;)
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    Mandarin Oriental or Fullerton

    Hello littlepinkpointes, Im having the exact dilemma as you! But I really like Fullerton's ballroom, event space, and the little nitty gritty like wedding favors, plates and angbao box design. Oriental everything was just ok.. but their perks light my eyes up. Fullerton wasnt able to match with...
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    France Paris 法国巴黎

    Bumping this thread for more reviews! BTBs, please share your experience with France Paris Bridal!:)
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    2018 BTB

    Peanut, since u have been to hotels and showcases, have u shortlisted any bridal or hotels already? Do u mind sharing?
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    2018 BTB

    Hi Peanut! I'm intending to have my AD around that time too! Did u get master to calculate the date? I'm kinda looking out for hotels already!
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    Love Story Bridal Boutique review needed

    Hi LS BTBs! Could you share with me your package? :)
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    Annulment Case & Owning EC

    Hi all.. I'm looking out for Visionaire EC for 3BR. The unit that we were looking at was taken and there isn't anything else we liked. If there are any couples letting go, please pm me details :)