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    Armpit Hairs

    Hi Jamie, I have also heard about GP at Modern Beauty.Do you know how much MB charged for leg hair removal? Have you finished all your sessions? Hope you can share yr experience with me.My email is [email protected] Thank you
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    Actual Day Program. Need some guidance

    Hi Piper, Can I have a copy of the AD program also? Many thanks =) [email protected]
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    Address to buy cheap and good electrical products

    Hi I found Aik Leong on yellowpages. Blk 121 Bt Merah Lane 1 #01-16 Tel 62719365 Hope it is the same one mentioned by any case can just call and ask quotation Cheers
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    Ala Carte Renovation Home Owners...Come share your contacts!

    Hiya hippo, can you email me yr contacts? Thanks =) [email protected] Sarah
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    Hihi Rinnie and sea_blue, thanks for yr advice. Do u prefer Sat or Sunday lunch? Cheers
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Hihi Just curious, any couples with their AD at Marriott on 30 Mar 08, wedding lunch? Cheers
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    hihi How about lunch at a 5 star hotel? How much will you all give? Also, my MIL says that pple wont come for lunch wedding, how true do u think this is? Thank you
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    Dragon Gate Restaurant

    Hi Jean, I am interested to hold my AD at DG. Can you kindly send me yr pic at [email protected]? Many thanks =)
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    Make-up & Hairstyling by Jeannie Yong

    Hello, I am interested to get Jeannie to be my mua, can anyone pls send me her contacts and charges? My email is [email protected]. Thanks a million =)
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    A Budget ROM? Any advice?

    Hi all, I am interested in the Furama package, can anyone kindly send to me?My email is [email protected] Many thnaks =)
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    Regent Singapore

    hihi Can anyone kindly share with me Regent's 2008 package? My email is [email protected] Thanks a million =)
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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    hihi, Can anyone kindly share with me the latest package? My email is [email protected] Many thanks =)
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    Hilton Hotel

    Sorry, btw my email is [email protected] thanks
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    Hilton Hotel

    hihi Can anyone kindly share with me Hilton's 2008 packages and any perks that you all have manage to get? Thanks a million =)