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    Luna Bianca

    Hi! Just sharing my experience with Luna Bianca studio here for reference for future brides! Prior to signing with this studio, I’ve went to around 8 studios to view and try on the gowns (e.g Rico-a-Mona, odelia, diglo, Malena, My Bridal Room, and others I can’t remember alrd). The one...
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    2018 BTB

    My sister signed with my dream wedding for her wedding last year. It has a lot of topping up involved for the gowns. Depends on how comfortable you are to top up.
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    Rico A Mona bride

    If your other package has already included everything that you can then consider selling off the package to others in the market place at a slightly discounted price? At least can recoup a bit of the cost.
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    Rico A Mona bride

    Hi, have emailed you.
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    2017 brides

    I'm heading down to Luna Bianca this Saturday! Will share with you the details then!
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    Rico A Mona bride

    Went down to try their gowns on a weekday evening. The ladies there are nice and allowed me to try on quite a number of gowns (probably around 8-9). But no photo taking is allowed. Price was pretty standard - AD package is $2988 (haven't include GST) if I never remember wrongly. Didn't manage...
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    France Paris 法国巴黎

    Really very useful advice for all the BTBs!