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    Address to buy cheap and good electrical products

    hi babystarlet can i have the no. and address too ? thanks in advance [email protected]
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    A compilation of hidden costs

    Hi Hippo,my email is [email protected]
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    Ala Carte Renovation Home Owners...Come share your contacts!

    Hi Hippo, I am also interested. can email me the lis of contacts at [email protected] Thanks.
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    A place to show off your feature walls

    Star, Can you PM me your contractor number @ [email protected]. Thanks
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    Contractors for Renovation (Non-ID) Wanted

    hallo stars can u send me a list of your sub contractors? thank you!! [email protected]
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    Selling house yourself without agent?

    Hi hippo2002; Thanks. I just attended the HDB seminar and you are right, it does not look difficult. Will do it on our own with no agent. Thanks very much with the information and it is very helpful. hippo2002 is right to say that you are not obligated to pay the other party’s agent...
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    Selling house yourself without agent?

    Has anyone here sell the house yourself without engaging an agent? If yes, I would appreciate that you share with me your experience, pros and cons. Would it be difficult? Thanks a million.
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    Dear ladies; could anyone share with me how to make the 'bake fish rice', those that sell in Swesen. Thanks. starry_chan