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    Silhouette the Atelier

    Hi Tonya & Secret, Pardon me for bumping into this thread...coz i'm considering to change my MUA from my BS (i did my PS & i aint exactly pleased with her works coz she lacks variety!)...& hire my own for my AD. Who have u hired? Mind sharing with me? Thanks! [email protected]
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    Ala Carte Renovation Home Owners...Come share your contacts!

    hello hippo, can you share your contacts with me? You seem really a pro at doing up ur reno prep. Many thanks! [email protected]
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    Eczema problems

    hi, do try Gaia bath wash as cleanser...its very mild as it doesn't contain a lot of irritants. I've used it upon recommended by my colleague & it's really gd! My eczema-prone skin is so much better now as i also use the moisturiser on my face daily. U can get Gaia range at Guardian...
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    (2007) Brides of year 2007

    Elchwong: PisTis half-day package is @ $550. If u're keen i can email you the package details....I'm keen on checking out other VGs' haven't confirmed PisTis yet. Hi all....any gd VGs to recommend? Thanks..this thread moves really fast...i believe u gals have talked abt VG...
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    "The Gift" and " Growing old with you"

    Hi, pls sen to me too! [email protected] Many thanks!
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    (2007) Brides of year 2007

    blueroses>> Yang charges $2k for AD VG, pre-wedding VG $1.8k, pre-wedding & AD combined $ can let me know if u want the package details. I can forward u...
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    (2007) Brides of year 2007

    Hi all... elchwong: I'll check for you when i meet him. i'm v keen on his package 'coz it's a promotional rate for full-day $770. Wish i can get it at Agnes' price but she locked in hers in 2006. Esther: you're using Gabriel Mendes? I've got Substance Film quote. Let me know your email, and...
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    (2007) Brides of year 2007

    Hi Gals! Oh my...i'm really v amazed at the speed of this thread! Agnes: I'm meeting PisTis this week...shall see his portfolio...Hope to confirm my VG soon so that's 1 thing off my 'To-Do' list. Gd to learn that u've confirmed with Derrick...makes me look forward to viewing his works.
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    (2007) Brides of year 2007

    btw, my email's [email protected] Thanks! Hope to hear fr u gals
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    (2007) Brides of year 2007

    Hi all, Mind sharing with me any gd VG package (incl. of express highlights) u have? My budget's <1K. Many thanks! I'm also a Dec'07 bride...seems like this thread is super happening!
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    Any1 has I Wanna Be With U by Mandy Moore

    Hi, me too...pls email me the song. Thanks alot!!! [email protected]
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    Hi Please share with me the 2007 package... Thanks alot!!! my email is [email protected]
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    Hi, i'll also like to see the Magnolia / Vanda pics!! Please share them with me...Thanks in advance. [email protected] Hi jlwc, do share with me ur pics when ready! I'll very much like to see your classy setup. hee...thanks!
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    Anyone? Solemnisation and Hi-Tea at Hotel

    Hi linda, do share with me ur pics me at [email protected] thanks!