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    Anyone else learning driving?

    haiz.. yesterday I learnt manual driving again, its getting worst.. can't concentrate when i made a mistake, the car stalled, then the instuctor nag n nag..and make even more mistakes.. wondering m I really tat bad..? hi femme, i m learning at bukit gombak.. e instuctor say he teach me...
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    Anyone else learning driving?

    hi jue, why worst tat u r taking auto? thought it suppose to be "easier" cos no need to change the gear like manual.. i am thinking whether to change to auto or not. but my instructor quite good, tho he nags but he can guide me clearly and not fierce, just some time mock by him only, kekeke...
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    Anyone else learning driving?

    u r learning from a private instructor? if so, i think the $50 bucks is registration fees, not deposit. r u learning auto or manual? I have just started to learn manual
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    Animation Cartoon (Doing a cartoon instead of montage)

    hi jane, can share w me yr cartoon animation? I would like to do it also, thks! [email protected]
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    Anyone playing MapleStory???

    have been playing for 2months only. my maplestory highest is dragonknight, lv129. i give out free weapon such as maple impaler,serpent tongue, it's the most powerful spear tat can sell 535k and weapon attack is 129 now i am GM.. anyone keen to add me in, can pm me, we can play together, hehe...
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    Anyone playing MapleStory???

    hi, anyone playing maplestory? i jus start to play, need some advice, hee
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    How do I remove a thread/message that I posted?

    hi chin leng, can you help to delete this thread i have posted. thks.
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    Any teachers here?

    halo teachers.... anyone here interested to teach my son in Pri 3? i am staying in woodlands. looking for tutor willing to teach on wed or thurs night from 8 to 9.30pm and sunday from 12.30 to 2pm. focus is on eng & math. Will be good if you can teach Science as well. If you are keen...
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    Any Good Driving Instructor - For refreshing course

    Halo, I have attended 8 manual lessons last year and stop as I dun find myself progressing.. dun really understand what the instructor meant when parking the car.. ai.. and everytime, I m too slow when changing gear also… Anyone got comment for learning auto? Does that mean I can’t...