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    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    hi girls, need some help with the AD morning prog... can let me know if im on the right track? Really duno what to do 6am - MUH/PG/Jiemeis @ Bride. 8am - Groom n party arrive. Younger bro kick bridal door car and open. 805am - gate crashing 9am - groom enter bride room, unveil. >>...
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    Bishan Area

    Hi happy orange, i recently bought a flat and renov is just completed. The price is actually quite standard. I'm living in st 12, corner 4rm unit too and i paid $40k COV. It's a price to pay if you want to live in a prime area (prximity to town, circle line, other parts of SG). But i'm happy...
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    Check List for Guo Da Li

    hi, pls send me the GDL checklist? thanks! [email protected]
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    Anybody has a DIY template (chinese n eng wording) for inserts?

    hi, pls send me the template for the invite thanks! [email protected]
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    Addressing on Wedding Cards

    cna send to me pls? I am thinking of doing english versions [email protected]
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    celine: Thats great to hear and it makes us (future brides - MM) more at ease as the day gets closer. chilli-in-ketchup: i changed my helpers room to an additional night stay too as most of the time, the brothers/sisters will head home unless they are too drunk. Shir/chilli-in-ketchup...
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    congrats stickytape! I cant wait for my AD too in June. Anyone has any feedback on the wedding favours and wedding cards? I just requested for the wedding cards but they are not very nice thou.
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Shir: Great that u had a perfect wedding. It makes me excited too as my day is drawing closer (actually in June!) and its the same Vanda ballroom too Same question as Shir too: Was the short march in an issue?
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    Change the colours of wall & floor tiles

    hi all, i'm having some trouble looking for colored tiles for a portion of my kitchen wall. Whole looks is in neutral color and need some colored tiles to brighten the place like yellow, orange, pink tiles. Anyone knows where can i find them pls?
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    Anyone have ideas on how to brighten a black toilet/bathroom?

    hi, anyone able to suggest a place where i can find bright colored wall tiles? Most of the places i visted have v neutral, dark/pale colors. Need something bright like yellow, orange to brighten up my place
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    AD procedures

    hi all, may i know how does the changing of gowns go during the AD morning? Bride wears WG @ parents hm. Groom fetch bride from parents hm to his home for tea ceremony. The changing of gown into kua happens @ groom's house before moving back to bride's parents home for tea ceremony...
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    Orchard Hotel

    hi there, can anyone send me the wedding banquet prices for 2010 wkend dinner pls as I've heard the food is good there? [email protected]
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    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    Jessica Lee: hey gal dont fret. My other half is also very busy too and is not always free too. Have settled my BS (and gown design) and banquet so far only. Will settle PG this week and no VG for us. We're also preparing for our flat renovation so its kinda crazy but enjoy it in the process...
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    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    hi gals, mine's 19 June too~ Banquet - booked BS - 2 wks time will be meeting to discuss the design of the gown PG - yet to book (should i already book by now?) VG - not planning to get Diet - cant get down to doing it! haha.... Facial - not sure where is good, any recommendations too?
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    Any brides with short hair????

    sher: me no idea yet but my hair stylist will probably cut/style it (i normally leave it up to him everytime for the past 8 years). Probably take a photo and show the MUH on photoshoot/AD itself i guess.. Personal preferance ba, but i feel a veil with short hair will not look as nice a nice...
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    Any brides with short hair????

    thanks jasmine.... have you decided on how to wear your hair on your AD?
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    Any brides with short hair????

    hi girls, i have short hair too (in fact, for a good many years of my life) and will be keep my hair short/cropped for my wedding.. i think its very versatile and stylish as it gives a whole new look.
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    How much to prepare for GATE crashing ang pow

    hi all, not sure if this thread is still active, pls help?? Am confused how the gate crashing on AD happens, can kindly advise pls? Coz not too sure abt the chinese tradition... Is the below sequence correct? e.g. 6a.m - Makeup @ bride's parents home 7a.m - Jie-meis arrive @...
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    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    nicky > thanks for the recommendation. I actually do know of someone from 39East doing the photography but abit ex. So am considering a free-lancer to do my pre-wed and AD actually. Junee > thanks! I prefer the 3-band one but that more like a fashion piece than wedding band haha... Anyway its...
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Frostice > I liaised directly with Wendy who is the F&B sales manager. Maybe you might like to contact her instead? lynnkys > hey gal, muslim/vegetarian, just take the per table of 10 price and divide by 10. Anyway just for your info, i think you can seat max 11 pax per table. So say u...