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    Any good Eyebrow Countouring/Embroidery to recommend?

    hi jolene how many days is ur eyebrow dark for? mine's pretty dark and it's 2 days already..wonder how long will it fade?
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    Any good Eyebrow Countouring/Embroidery to recommend?

    hi, which method does Gin uses? Creative?
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    what abt white eyeliner? which brands r good?
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    Perfume - Which one will you recommend?

    juz loved the smell of elizabeth arden beauty. frenz were telling me tht it smelt nice and heavenly and it suits me! :-) most imptly, it really lasts the whole 10 hours on me!
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    (2006) Brides of year 2006

    Hi i read some posts years ago tht sum1 actually posted a checklist in excel form on the preps to the wedding and also table arrangements on AD's dinner. can any1 help? Tks.
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    Any exercise gel to recommend

    wht abt the brand selling in watsons: "Xpertise", the one for tummy area? ive got a slight bulging tummy which i want to get rid off..but i can't. any effective creams? tks.
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    Dishonest Housing Agent

    hi i need recomm on reliable agents as my fren intends to rent a whole unit. tks.
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    Armpit Hairs

    wht brand is tht? where can i get it?
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    Tempered glass computer table

    do you know where can i get my dining table custom made with tempered glass? any recommendations? i've already got my teak dining table, juz tht i want a glass to be put on top of it. tks.
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    Anyone resigned without a job

    hello.. started on my new job for 2 days liao. already tot of 'quitting' cos everything is so darn tough and there's not enough training as well, all left us to do it alone. do you feel like this when you embark on a new job? looks like no job is gonna please me. what should i do now?
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    2 way cake to recommend?

    hi anyone here using Za pink based colour 2 way cake? i juz bot it last week but hvn't tried on the colour yet. tot the colour is too dark/pink?? what u girls think? i know yellow based colours are more suited to asian skin tones but when the sa tried the pink colour tone on my skin, it's suits...
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    2 way cake to recommend?

    any1 here tried wetnwild 2 way cake b4? heard its not bad frm other forums!
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    2 way cake to recommend?

    hi wht abt 2 way cakes for dry skin? any recommendation? tks.
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    Any Korean drama serial fans here?

    hi sun96 i'm willing to forgo lovers in paris for $45. u interested? pls pm me at [email protected]. tks.
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    Any Korean drama serial fans here?

    i'm selling lovers in paris and also love, so divine vcds at good price. anyone interested?
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    yeah, i oso did not get the gel. i only had the antibiotic drops, natural tears and a pair of googles in a blue snec pouch. maybe cat, you can ask the doc how come you have the gel. btw, i did the wavefront lasik as well.
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    Dear all, congrats to yr new vision. i'm into my 4th month after my lasik and my vision still flucates and can't really see at nite still. i'm still worried about my nite vision becos i will have to drive at times. will go bk for another review and c Dr Wee sometime in Mar/April and will let...
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    Mascara - Pls recommend your fav. brand

    Hi, I juz bot MAC's splashproof mascara and it looks very natural on me!
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    yes cheerio. it's 2 eyes on separate days. miso: which doc did u choose finally? blur vision = dry eyes. if u've got leftover astig, you might experience side effects like glares/halos/starbursts bt 3-6 mths time. it's normal. dun worry.
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    Hi cheerio, it all depends on the doc's schedule, as for me, i only have to wait for 2 days to book my surgery. no worries at all!