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    Hi anyone still got the HN voucher for sale? PM me please
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    A compilation of hidden costs

    Hi, Can someone send me the latest list as well? Thanks so much [email protected]
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    Accomodation in Brisbane, Goldcoast or Surfers Paradise?

    Selling this accomodation voucher - anyone interested, please PM me
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    Ala Carte Renovation Home Owners...Come share your contacts!

    Hi, Can someone please be nice and share the contacts with me. my email [email protected] Thanks so much
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    Anyone ever done E-filling?

    No problem chong
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    Anyone ever done E-filling?

    Hi Chong, My partner is also a foreigner. Upon filing (this happens last oct) and we went to ROM to verify all documents in DEC. The day given to us was a date when my partner is not in Singapore so I called in and request for another day. So, if you do file in, don't worry, u can call and make...
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    Shangri-la Hotel

    Hi Pro, Await your photos... Thanks
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    Shangri-la Hotel

    Hi Pro, Do you have any pictures to share? [email protected] Thanks.
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    Shangri-la Hotel

    Hi Count, Thanks for the advice. However, I am taking a pick either Shangri-la or RTP so thought of viewing the photos first. Care to share with me if you got good perks?
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    Orchard Hotel

    Hi, Can someone please send me AD pictures for this hotel? I am considering this [email protected] Thanks
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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    Hi, Can someone send me some pictures of the wedding banquet hotel? I am very interested in this hotel. [email protected] Thanks
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    Shangri-la Hotel

    Hi, I am interested in Shangri-la Hotel . Please send me some pictures [email protected] Thanks
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    Ritz Carlton

    Hi, I am also very interested in ritz. Please send to [email protected]
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    Hi Anpanman, What are the charges fo their mani and pedi? Thanks
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    Paris for honeymoon

    Hi fates I booked thru
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    3 In 1 Portrait or 20"X24" Portrait for bedroom

    Hi Jen, Can I please see the 3 in 1 picture? I am also consdiering having that [email protected] Thanks.
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    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

    hi grazc, Can you please advise what went wrong with the service? I am a fullerton bride to be next month, would definitely like some heads up on what to take note too Thanks.
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    Hi Please drop me an email [email protected] Thanks.
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    hi Gintonic, what are their charges? Thanks Hi Seet CH, Can I have the contact, please send to [email protected] Thanks.
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    Hi, Can I have the song? [email protected] Thanks.