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    Can my elder sister (not married) be my bridesmaid/jie mei?

    My opinion will be since parents say cannot, then try to follow if possible. Some Friend I know had their elder sibling involved, some don’t. I don’t wish to complicate matter but it may be related.. .But I also heard before that the bride needs to hang the clothes of the unmarried elder...
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    1 or 3 yr mourning after dad passed away? For ROM.

    Normally they will say not to touch anything related to wedding (red event) if did not pass 3 years. Thus the priest do not recommend fitting or purchase anything during this sensitive period, not even making deposit... Consult parents of two families and decide. For as Long as both families...
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    2019 BTB

    You MUST perform minimum 5 transactions of at least $2k spending every monthly bill. Make sure you spend $2k with min 5 transactions for 3 months to qualify for the quarter rebates. (Try 4 transactions and you will fail to receive your $300 rebates)
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    What are the issues that crop up between you and your spouse to be when planning the wedding?

    I’m thankful for the monthly payment which I can make with my CC so as to earn that rebate. Although it may seem little but once accumulated, it’s pretty handful. The only inconvenience is making sure I make my payment but I find it worthwhile. (: Cheers but it depends on how individual sees.
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    Unable to meet minimum tables

    Upgrade your menu to meet the minimum spending requirement stated in the contract.
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    20 years relationship I can't loss him

    Ask yourself if you love him.if you love him, you should give him time and put on ur best effort and endure and ensure he’s well taken care of from emotionally to physically such as ensuring he is full. Don’t think about if he will give up on u. Live without regrets, do all and what you can...
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    Plant based diet / Vegan

    Start with the clear objectives on why would you like to go on vegetarian diet. Set your mind and work towards it. U may start with half-day(breakfast). And subconsciously make an effort to avoid animal product for the remaining day. Balance your diet with Fruits and veges and beans. Habits...
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    Ang pows for bestman/sisters/helpers & gatecrash

    It all depends on the couple and the family.. Perhaps look at how close your relationship is with the couple. Even if you aren’t helping them, and you will still be invited. How would you bless them..
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    Solemnisation in a ballroom

    Nothing is too ridiculous. It’s after allhow both of you enjoy and also taking into consideration of parents. It’s better to seek for parents consensus and understanding if you are doing without banquet and tea ceremony if you had not done so. Parents’ thoughts and feelings will be required to...
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    Ang pows for bestman/sisters/helpers & gatecrash

    I gave angbao when I’m one of the brides man. And we discussed that we should put the gate crash money back into the angbao also. Angbao is a form of blessings for them. It’s your choice I Guess.
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    Advice needed on sitting arrangement for VIP tables?

    Jiayou. It’s not easy. Especially what ever we do, someone will tend to give extra comments or advise. Great that you managed to discuss with them. Perhaps sometime, single discussion may not work out perfectly but press on[emoji1377] I also faced quite a fair bit of issues lately. Small...
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    Advice needed on sitting arrangement for VIP tables?

    I’m sorry for the stress u r facing. Whatever possible table arrangement. Discuss with HTB and PIL, get their understanding also. Your colleague suggestion may not be a bad idea... ROM witness is your choice. Whichever u feel correct and comfortable. Rmb whatever we do, it’s gonna not...
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    I’m feeling lost and bothered by some BTO issues

    Follow your heart. If you are not feeling comfortable or happy, then reconsider. You need a companion who can share the same thoughts and also weigh the differences for you. A man who can air your views as one couple together instead of a single individual when facing issues or problems or...
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    Nov 2018 btb

    Hihi. Rejected due to too early or they are booked?
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    December 2018 BTB

    How about Park Royal? I vividly remember that one of the hotel hosts 10-15tables cozy affair. Maybe I'm wrong too, because it's based on my memory.
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    How do you explain to your kids that you are getting divorced with the husband?

    I'm sorry to hear that. Bring in a neutral party which ur daughters trust and enjoy being with them. Spend time together to earn the trust and slowly explain the situation. It will be a tougher fight for you as the kids will not understand and you will feel even more frustrated than usual as...
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    October 2018 Brides~

    Me too. Haha
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    2018 BTB

    Mine is lunch in Oct2018! Other than venue, I've not done much. Haha.
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    Genting Hotel Jurong Review

    Good morning everyone. Greetings. Anyone held their banquet or recently attended banquet at Hotel Genting @ Jurong? Would you be able to share on their food quality and maybe service? And if you have recommended coordinators, please share with me. Thank you. [emoji8]
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    How to resolve trust issues?

    If both of you would like to put in the effort, look for marriage counsellor and get into open conversations. Talk about it peacefully and see if things will work out. If both have the mutual understanding on how this is affecting both, something will work out. Good luck.