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    Wu - by the way, my facebook email is [email protected], would appreciate if you could add me/invite me to your maldives facebook group :D
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    niCEee.. xie xie Wu.. i actually like Zitahli dholhiyadhoo aLOT! unfortunately, it's "akan datang" ... LOL! i will do some readups on the other alternatives you have provided me..
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    Good Monday morNing everyone! this is kinda last minute for me (actually very last minute! ha!) .. planning to go to Maldives on 9 Jun this year .. am hoping to receive your advises :D Wu - i've surfed based on your...
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    Pangkor Laut Resort

    anyone been to Pangkor Laut recently? care to comment?
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    1st time wardrobe - help!

    Zapple - u meant Closet Robe? Do you mind sharing your experiences and how is the quality after installation? I really appreciate your comment. Thank you.
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    Intercontinental Singapore

    hello everyone.... would u ladies be able to share with me Trina's contact details pls?.. my email to IC was responded by one of their staff and after two email communications, I do not want this person to be handling my wedding.. the first reply to me, my name is wrong...the second one the...
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    hello everyone, am planning to get hitch next year with my gf and thinking of maldive as a getaway. mind if i join this discussion?