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    Advice needed ..

    Hi Ginkola It's very thoughtful of you to seek other's opinion on this. You are also very thoughtful to empathize your PIL financial status. you will make a good DIL. Yes, you are caught in a dilemma as you take your PIL's feelings into consideration. But your parents are not blind. I...
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    Do u think u are really silly?

    I think you want assurance that your decision is right versus what other people experience. Love knows no bounds. It's cannot be measure by how much $$ you put in nor what you had done for him ... So, hope you don't measure what you will get in return when you walk down the aisel cos it's...
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    How to get a boyfriend in mid 20's

    Gal, sometimes the harder you try the more your body sent out signals that chase all the boys away. Just relax...go take some courses to upgrade.... upgrade your literacy skills, or upgrade your image or...learn some skills you always want to learn but never be able to put in time. Enlarge...
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    Husband doesnt love me now

    Kellygirl...just my 5cents worth.....even though he is the guilty and had agree to change his ways, which he is trying...he also expect you to honor your side of the bargain..that's to give him his space and trust. Yes, it's difficult..that's why it's call LOVE. True love requires Sacrifice...
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    20 years relationship I can't loss him

    Hi Jjing Don't want to point fingers but if you truly loves him and the family, give him quiet time. Grieving the lost of a parent takes some time, some ppl took days, some months, some even a few years. As to your problem which you created, every decision we make bears a consequence and we...
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    Emotional Abuse - Verbal Abuse

    Lonely gal...if you still love him...go counseling. If he doesn't change, then you should consider if you want to be emotionally abuse the rest of your life. Decision is up to you. On the other hand, trend is that his bad mouthing may escalate to physical. Are you ready for it? Unless he's a...