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    Any trustworthy slimming centres?

    Hi Jae, hahaha it is not a slimming pill. For this is a weight loss balloon that will be place in your stomach to reduce your appetite from eating a lot. I am still not sure about the information regarding this as I am still doing research about it. But based on my research, there are many kind...
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    Any trustworthy slimming centres?

    Hi Ms Chua, I recently discovered this swallowable weight loss balloon. It's actually help to lose weight up to 10 - 18% which clinical proven research. It seem promising compare to slimming centre but however I am actually still doing more research to find out more about it.
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    Honeymoon during the coronavirus

    if not postpone your honeymoon till the border are open? maybe do a staycation in sg hotels with a good view? if not maybe taking cruise?
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    Eye bag removal

    How about this new treatment for eyebag/dark eye circle? it seem really effective.
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    i miss going bali
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    Dermal filler with Amino Acids

    Helloooo, I came across this blog talking about Sunekos when i was doing some research. It seem effective on dark eye circle based on the review. I think i would like to try it.
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    Is it a must-practice to hold wedding after 3yrs?

    In my perspective it is okay not to follow if you are not superstitious but most of the older generation family members would be more "pang dang" about it. So depend on individual? But if you are worried, it is better to follow.
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    SG rediscover voucher

    Hi guys, what do you guys recommend to use on your $100 vouchers?
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    Bali wedding

    omg it would be nice to hold a wedding at bali
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    The Stage Walk Online Clothes Shopping

    omg i never encountered such issue before when purchased their item
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    All about rebonding

    other than rebonding what aboure keratin treatment to straighten frizzy and wavy hair?
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    Omg that is a good ideas, to have a activities to be done together with the gift.
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    How to address SO's parents after ROM but before customary rites?

    I think you have to address her as mum/dad because you and your spouse are legally married but if you are still uncomfortable about it maybe address them as auntie & uncle first before all the official customary celebration? and communicate with them to ask their opinions about it cause I think...
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    Eyebrow Embroidery

    Hi Pandacat, omg thank you for the information because i actually have a very sensitive skin and my pain tolerance is low so i am actually very skeptical when it comes to doing eyebrow embroidery even though i have been wanting to do it.
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    What do you think of glowing skin?

    Ohh. the skin does look so much brighter and glowy
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    What do you think of glowing skin?

    what skin care are you using?
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    Howto get rid of eye bag?? any recommendations??

    sound interesting, how does it work? i would like to know more about it.
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    Facial Recommendation

    Any recommendation on extraction facial for skin that are dry and sensitive?
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    Eyebrow Embroidery

    i am interested in doing eyebrow embroidery but i am really scare of pain, especially needle. Is the pain bearable??
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    Howto get rid of eye bag?? any recommendations??

    what about the use of fillers to reduce dark eye circle?