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    Getting married... but homeless!

    Hi sylphide, can you introduce your housing agent to me? I am sourcing for a HDB resale flat too. Gave up on the balloting system. Can you advise me? How much did you pay her as commission? I heard the norm is 1% - right? Thanks alot
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    Annulment Case & Owning EC

    You can make an appeal through HDB. My friend managed to sell his house even though it fall short of the minimum 5 years period. Rule is that you need to hold for 5 years, but you can appeal. I dun think HDB wish to see you lose all your hard earned money in your CPF. Otherwise, see your...
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    Tarots cards readings

    an advice: dun rely too much on such "fortune-telling" stuff. it will affect you somehow mentally. end of the day, you contol your destiny, your life path... dun fall into unnecessary "holes"...
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    A secret to shared !!!pls help!!!

    blurblur, May i ask what is your plan now? I am referring to your plan for disclosing these news to your HB n BF. Any have you mentally prepared what will happen after you tell them, especially your HB? Disclosing the news is simple, what anticipating the effects and limiting the damages...
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    A secret to shared !!!pls help!!!

    You can't turn a "Wrong" into "Right". You can defend yourself till the "cow comes home", but in your heart you should know what are the "right" & "wrong" things. As someone suggested, first you must admit it, second tell your partner that this marriage is not working healthily.