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    Wat's ur story?

    seawave, i c alot ppl in forum, some really zuobo til so eng come daily like me, some really got loads of problems to pour den disappear. some really has tons of wisdom cant wait to jerk it off on poor souls. etc etc For me, i juz use it to kill some time, but somehow dio addicted abit. It's...
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    Have SEX less than 10 times after marry for 10 years.

    wat in the wrong? Can reconcile anot, or really no choice? Ya alot of us also lidat wan, never write marriage contract down clearly b4 rom, e.g. who pay for wat, who stay wif who, who do housework, how many sex per week etc. So end up managing alot unexpected events. Come to tink of it...
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    How do u deal w lonely nites?

    k wil stop answering posts here liao, going over to "Gathering for 30s" thread instead...more like-minded ppl there.
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    I wish to expend my social circle

    u guys/gals may refer to Celine's "gathering for 30s" thread, juz started n very active.
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    Pain during penetration (sex)

    let's backtrack to TS, sometimes my partner experience pain too, but we figure out tat is due to insufficient lubricant. So to resolve, juz try to arouse more, meaning in ur case try get ur partner arouse u to a point when u r thoroughly wet, thereafter penetration is enjoyable coz is smoother...
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    How Long Do Guys Last Normally

    juz married (assume is 1st few intercourses) is lidat wan, coz gan jiong and too excited ma. After a few weeks will learn how to enjoy slowly n go easy on the penetration. Sometimes need to withdraw abit n calm it down while continue on petting. Then start again, mayb change positions...
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    Gathering for 30s

    hi sighh, first let's respect TS's decision - stick to 28 above. I can reconcile the rationale, simply bcoz we (or at least in my opinion) believe tat ppl 28 above requires an expansion of social circle. Not bcoz we have no friends, but bcoz at our age, especially 30above, most peers would...
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    Gathering for 30s

    seems like u all ignore milo's advice eh? lol .. juz jk. anyway here's my IM id: [email protected] Mayb juz add each other up chit-chat also gd mah, while waiting for celine's outing, easier to communicate in IM also.
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    Gathering for 30s

    1) Celine 2) sane 3) Jajah 4) lonelyhubby75 i hope not all gals hor, else becomes a ladies' nite out lol
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    Gathering for 30s

    btw watson, tis is, so idc de, juz assume all r married, or married-ed mature ppl. Im 1 hiao guy, 30s liao then start to build my body and hair n tan etc. lol
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    Gathering for 30s

    wah liao.. tink i hit the jackpot 2nite. ya im the ts for tat lonely nites thread. im waiting for tis, n my wife encouraged me to join too when she's busy, instead of immensing myself in pc/online/self-admiration/solo hobby. n btw altiora, mayb we can exchange some online game pointers...
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    How do u deal w lonely nites?

    but all those simi enrichment la, hobby la, family la, gym la, etc i got. But when i tink back, sometime abit sian, know of any group of similar ji-mo ppl i can starbuck wif anot.
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    How do u deal w lonely nites?

    haha, u all dam funny, but yalo, in sg that's abt all u can do.
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    How do u deal w lonely nites?

    From the many threads here, seems like quite a number of married ppl having to deal with loneliness particularly for those spouses working OT or outstation often. Can share how do u deal with tat? My wife (kidless) often has to work overtime or sometimes outstation. Initially was stil ok...