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    Taiwan F&E

    Blue ginger, thanks for the webby.
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    Taiwan F&E

    hi all, thinking of bringing my 1yr old son to taiwan for a short trip. Can anyone recommend accomodation and places to vist. Thanks
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    Hong Kong: Where to Shop?

    April will be like normal in SG..just a bit cooler.. I don't think that there are any major sales around..unless u are looking at post season stock.
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    Hong Kong : Some Advice Needed!

    Sailor P, STanely is a good stop for food & Shopping for kids clothes..most of the kids clothes there are at factory outlet prices. If you are into seafood..sai kung has lots of seafood restaruants but a bit far out in the New Territories area.
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    Any advise on selecting a suitable mattress ?

    Hi peter, which neighbourhood shops sell mattresses? have been to a few.. can't find these kind of shops.
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    Any advise on selecting a suitable mattress ?

    I'm looking for supersingle or queens size materess for my 6mth old son. He likes to roll and flip around when he sleeps so the bb cot is too narrow for him to flip horizontally and he always gets stuck and crys for help. Any recommendations for a not too expensive matteress that does not...