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    he said he has low sex drive... i don't feel so?

    He sounds quite crappy to what's going to happen when you are preggy or with a post natal figure? I will think twice of spending my life w such a guy. I he grown 2 sizes up after marriage and giving birth to 2 boys. Not tt my hubby doesn't mind, but it doesn't give him a reason to do...
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    Kids and Marriage

    Kids are wonderful! Yes! I lost my freedom when I had my #1 12 mths plus ago. Yes! I almost into depression and kept asking why do I wan to be a mummy 10 mths ago? Yes! I was completely exhausted taking care of him 8 mths ago.... Yes! He may be our burden/liability (watever you like...
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    Stuck in between

    Dilemna, if you cannot even manage this, you really have a long way to go in this marriage...there will be a lot more (and far more important) decisions to make beside jus choosing a ROM date...*roll eyes*....this is jus such a small matter...i can't imagine wat's next for you
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    Marriage Leave Policy

    BTB, that's v common for a lot of companies. I was from MNCs and their policies are as such. And y do u need to be so upset and mad over this? Is marriage leave more impt than job satisfaction, pay and exposure? I hope u didn't join any company jus to get marriage leave....
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    Where is my happily ever after?

    Ha...I think my hb might have only passed 2-3 of the items.. 1 thing I'm v sure is he passed the following: 33) wants to have kids with me But I still love my hb, and I'm sure he loves me though he is not expressive.....and not coz he shower me with kisses or gifts....
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    Jus be v clear of what you wan in your career when u r going for the interview. I ever interviewed candidates on the multiple positions they applied in my ex company. And 1 question I will always ask is why did you apply for so many positions in this company, any role will do as long as you get...
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    Advice needed-How to conceive?

    As a mum to a 9mths infant and another on the way, I have v limited real life parenting experiences too. But as far as I know ever since I become 1, I do not think I will practise my ideal parenting style.....instead, my hb and I are going to deal with the kids along the way, depending on their...
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    Advice needed-How to conceive?

    Opal, are you a mum/dad yet? Interesting discussion going on here, and wonder if any is a parent yet? What u seen as ideal may not work out or what you really execute in the flexible...
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    Someone shed some lights please abt confessing to her hubby on ur affairs?
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    Monetary issues affecting relationship

    Lya, u have a choice which u didn't exercise, so in this case u cannot blame it on anyone else except urself and hubby....when we were planning, I made it v clear to my hubby our families can gv their inputs but we will make the final call together as hubby and wife to ensure that everything is...
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    Monetary issues affecting relationship

    Lya, u r saying ur family is selfish coz they are not helping in financing your hotel celebration when u wan to make it up to them?????? Hmmm...u r putting the blame on other people than seeing urself in the poor planning and setting up the right expectations in the 1st place.....I kinda pity ur...
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    Do I need to see a psychiatrist

    finger, I'm like u too, will keep quiet the moment that I get angry with my hubby, since our courtship days....he too didn't understand y and we have quarreled over this several times. like ur bf, he would always ignore me then we ended up in big fights. It takes a lot of communication for...
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    My conflict with Mother In Law

    Denise, my hubby has also been very generous w his money for his family and frens. We used to fight over this during our courtship days. However, I decided to take 1 step back to review the situation when we decided to get married, coz I didn't want my marriage to fail due to the constant fights...
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    In love with A married man ...

    En Xuan, you are saying coz you are not married yet. *touch wood*....I hope that you won't need to go thru the moments when you find out your hubby is cheating on you...your mentality and thinking or actions may change then
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    Advice Needed - To confront or not? Wat will u do?

    Hmm...I'm now pregnant and I wonder will I stop my hubby from DIY or watching porn too when I'm too big and cannot fulfill him anymore? To be honest, I will rather he do any of the above than to go out and find another woman. Oh, by the way, I dun think any religion supports pre-martial...
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    I am at a loss

    Thots, if u can, ignore ur dad's plead....i told u about my bro? my sis also ignored my mum's plead after she gave up on my bro..My mum know it's useless to ask my sis after a lot of attempts that she stop doing it.....
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    I need help before i do something funny

    fallen, u really sound helpless...err...speak to the other 2 banks on monthly instalments? Or u rather wait for them to send u the lawyer letter then panic like now?
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    Go on, or not to go on? HELP!!

    hmm..wat's wrong with relationship nowadays? sigh..can't we learn to trust each other a bit more? If u wan this r/s, don't go to that FS thingy. Wat is that FS master said u are perfect match for each other, are u going to ROM with him immediately despite ur insecurity?
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    Anyone happens to know this

    hmm..does it matter coz it's already 12th July 2009?
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    I need help before i do something funny

    dun declare bankrupty over wat almost have advised, speak to the banks...if u really need to clr the min of $870 only, speak to relatives or frens....why worried about embarrasement? Ur face more impt or the rest of ur life is more impt?