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    wts bn wedding heels size 37

    can meet up and try the size?
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    Clearing Silk Flower Petals (BN)

    whatsapp me I am keen for my wedding. 96552978 Michele. thanks!
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    wts bn wedding heels size 37

    what brand is this? brand new?
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    Post wedding sales- Lots of items going at low prices.

    hi whatsapp me I am keen with the red colour petal canon. 96552978 Michele. hear from you :)
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    Post Wedding Items to sale

    Hi, how much is the pink love?
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    Brand new Wedding Shoes for sale

    can whatsapp me 96552978 mich.
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    WTS Brand New Wedding Heels

    whatsapp me pic thanks! 96552978 mich.
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    Post wedding sales

    the wedding deco is it brand new?
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    hi wedding heels how much what size? can whatsapp me thanks! 96552978 Michele.
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    Post wedding sale - crepe paper flowers

    can whatsapp me the price good condition? 96552978 Michele.
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    WTS: Post wedding sale of items~~~

    can whatsapp me, I am keen with some items :) 96552978 Michele.
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    WTS Bridal Heels size 35

    still available? can whatsapp me at 96552978. thanks!
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    Mini Buffet Catering | Any recommendations?

    i am looking for my actual day breakfast mini buffet or finger food, anyone can recommend? :)
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    Post Wedding Items to sale

    hi can whatsapp me at 96552978 I am keen with some items. thanks! :)
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    Ladies items for sales :)

    Hi ladies out there! I am selling away ladies accessories, bags, shoes etc. do whatsapp me for picture and price! In a good and affordable price! :) All good condition! 96552978 (Michele)
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    A pair of Trick Eye Museum tickets to let go

    may I know how much?
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    High heel

    can whatsapp me at 96552978 thanks :)
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    Mar 2017 Brides

    your got group chat, can include me thanks! my number 96552978 :)
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    Mar 2017 Brides

    hi I am Michele here, march 2017 BTB too :)