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    (2003) Brides of year 2003

    Hi Renee Jesslyn, Wow!!u lost 6 kgs in 2 mths?? Care to share ur secret? I've been trying so hard for the past few mths, but only managed to lose 1.5 kg. :-(
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    Cellini Furniture

    for my case, they delivered 4 times. so i guess no one can be as unlucky as me. i actually wrote down the specific reasons why they had to re-deliver but decided to delete them lest they can recognise who i am from the faults i described.
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    Intercontinental Singapore

    Just my two cents worth on this. I was considering the hotel for a weekend banquet until I went down for a site inspection. First of all, the car park was full at 7pm. We had to park at Prince, the cinema, and walk back to bugis. That's quite worrying for me cos that's not even peak hour yet...