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    How can I get over?

    Yes love yourself, don't set your sight only to him....
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    Pregnant Matron of Honour OK?

    Don't think too much lar, if she's your best friend and that's your choice, MOH should be fine... Don't loose your best friend becos of your big day....
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    Watch this!

    speechless.... this maid is from hell.... how can an adult do such thing to a child.....
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    Child Custody

    I guess if he has the will, he should keep fighting.
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    Help me.

    mara, I have a daughter, if such incident happen to her when she's 19, I would be upset too. Same as your parents the top most priority is to keep this guy who got my girl pregnant away, and I would not want to see him. It's now up to you to tell and show your parents, that you respect...
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    cannot advise you to leave him or not, but 1 thing for sure: these incidents will be burnt in your hard drive forever.
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    Caught in between wife & parents- will affect relationship

    hey powder, your statement is so real! in law relationship is tough, and personally I put up my second face when i meet my in laws. think about this, you put on your third face when you are at work, forth when you meet your guy friends and fifth when you meet your lady firends, what's...
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    How to get rid of that sickening??

    Hi grudges, When my wife is not happy with my side of the family, she will NEVER confront them direct but she would nag nag and keep nags at me to talk to them and take action. I guess that's also one method, my side of the family matters, I will handle. She will settle hers....
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    Am I still a virgin?

    It's all in your mind.... We are not in the oldies anymore, what matters now is your heart, not your v.
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    Appealing for a 2nd housing loan

    Last time used to face the same problem, advised by the real estate agent to appeal to MP. Letter sent to HDB but few days later that officer from HDB came back and say 'got your MP's letter for appeal however we cannot accomodate'. In the end took up bank loan and get money from GE for...
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    I thought marriages only failed because of money or a straying spouse

    If you have the extra $, why not spend some money to hire PI clear the mind first. If he comes clean, give him the benefit of doubts, he doesn't know how to manage the relationship between you and him. Otherwise..... At least you know what's going on.....
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    I thought marriages only failed because of money or a straying spouse

    Hi Enne, Your story is long, but one thing I could see lacking is a heart to heart talk with him. You can do whatever things you think that could resolve your problem, but if you have not talk to him, you know nothing yet. Focus on future during your talk, not what happened in the past...
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    Need Advice on divorce/ breakup

    I'm sure if you are hard working enough, this 20% down payment is just short term suffering rather than having the wrong guy for your whole life. Good man never hit a woman.