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    SK II Products

    Hi ladies, I've got these SKII pdt to let go. All bought from Changi Duty Free. Going to sell at 10% off DFS price. My friend bought a lot of SKII pdt and realised she's not suitable. All in original packing. Untouched and no gimmicks. I myself bought all the facial tx masks from her 1...
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    Dermalogical - too expensive

    Hi ladies, i just purchased a bottle of dermal clay cleanser for my hubby and realise it's wrong. it's supposed to be Anti-bac wash that he uses. now am going to sell it away at a discount. totally brand new. still in box. interested parties e-mail me at [email protected]
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    Amore Day Spa

    Hi girls, the pore refining facial from Amore was reviewed in a fashion mag (can't remember where i read it) and the reporter kept raving about it. just want to find out if anyone has tried it and whether it is as good as the reviews. Any reviews?
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    Sweaty feet - any non-surgical cure?

    Hi ladies, maybe i can share with you my problem. i had a problem with my underarms sweating excessively. deoderant is out out for me and i even tried crystal of which all didn't work. then i tried Driclor. it's like perspirex but i have not tried the latter. since i use Driclor, i have no more...
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    About Silicon Bras

    Hi gal, you can try getting nipple tape, or under the silicon bra range, they actually sell silicon nipple tapes, they call nipplets or sth like that. it provides more coverage than the normal tape. you may wan to try it. but what's your greatest concern? that it shows through or that your boobs...
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    About Silicon Bras

    Hi gal, i think there is no support when you use silicon bra. it's really to boost the cleavage..hee hee and to provide some 'coverage' for backless dresses. i like it cos' it's realy nice to wear. no straps and no clasps and you don't feel that it's there. but i heard that long time usage can...
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    Eyelash perming

    Hi ladies, i also went to Peiling for eye lash perming. results were alright but now my eye lash keep dropping. how ah? is there anything i can apply on it to keep them stronger so that they don't fall out so fast?
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    Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (Taiwan)

    Hi ladies, i think we can also use this thread to share some of the good tips that Kevin lao shi or niu er share on the show with each other, esp for those who don't manage to catch the show if we're at work. yesterday watched the episode on bikini and kevin lao shi teach on using the...
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    Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (Taiwan)

    Sorry amy, one more thing...where do you buy the massager from? as in what is the name of the shop?
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    Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (Taiwan)

    Hi amy, can i ask you for a small favour? can help me find out the difference b/w the AR381 and AR380? thanks gal!
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    Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (Taiwan)

    Hi ladies, did anyone watch yesterday's (May 4th) episode? Wow he did office makeup. for the first girl, he applied sth on half the face and then voila! her skin literally lit up and he just added a dash of blusher (with a lipstick, mind you!) and she looked so different. wondering what is...
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    Blusher to recommend

    Hi tsukushi, i don't use foundation so i use it after my sunblock and then brush Dandelion over it. it's very natural and last the whole day.
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    Blusher to recommend

    Tsukushi, i draw five lines on my cheeks and use my fingers to smudge it. hee hee...tmro i shall draw the cross. thanks for sharing.
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    Blusher to recommend

    Hi tsukushi, what was the demo about? how did they apply benetint on the cheeks? i'm using it and i use my fingers. did they offer any special tips?
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    Hi Evelyn, you can the main authorised Sothy's Salon at Paragon. i think it's on the 4th or 5th fl. at the newer wing of Paragon. it's called Faubourg *** (some numbers that i can't really remember). a really nice place
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    Any good daily face moisturiser to recommend?

    I use Sisley's All Day All Year. very good. with SPF also
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    Blusher to recommend

    Hi Gan, why not you e-mail me at [email protected] Re:Georgia so that we can discuss the price cos' it's neg. the colour is peachy colour. it's suppose to give you a creamy peach colour. hard to exactly tell you the shade tho'. can bring and show you if you're interested but no...
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    FIL (Face & Body Intelligence)

    Hi foolishgirl, drop me a mail at [email protected] and we can discuss about the spa package.
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    Anyone can recommend moisturizer for wrinkled hand??

    Jurlique hand cream! used by many local stars as shown on Fann Wong's In Nu Wang. it's sold at Tangs.
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    Blusher to recommend

    Hi snowy_casper, i've sent you a mail. Hi ladies, i also have one unit of the benetint lip balm to let go if anyone is interested....