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    Curtains! Curtains!

    hi, I just finished doing up all my curtains very cheaply, i went to Joo Chiat Complex to buy the materials during the hari raya period and got all for a very cheap price, about $100 for hall and 3 rooms. I found a sewer, who was my friend's wife from indonesia who is doing sewing part time...
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    4-room Resale Flat Renovation

    Hi, Check this forum under lego house and you can find my quote and link to my house blog. go to renotalk forum and see blogs of alot of houses there.
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    4-room Resale Flat Renovation

    Hi, Sorry after reno finished never visit the forum much. You can see my reno quote under lego house in this forum. Last week after staying in the new place for more then 4 months i dropped a heavy object on my homo tile and it had a small crack line in it. I called my id and he sent over his...
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    Redhill 4rm - quotation sharing

    Hi, Sorry i do not know how to put a picture in here. If you are serious in reno for your new place I strongly advise you to join renotalk forum as they are very active over there and have alot of people who can give you constructive opinions on ID etc. You can sign up using the same log-in as...
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    House Moving (movers) Company - Any recommendation?

    Hi, I just moved house and used a chinese co called kim meng transportation. contact steven ng at 62846883. He came over and gave me a quote for the total moving experience. Cost is $450 for 2 and a half lorry load, he supplied me with 20 boxes free and wrapped all furniture and big things for...
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    Air-con installation - Gain City, Twin City or ???

    Hi, They are located at paya lebah area, i gave you the contact no above. For most air-cons they are cheaper then the rest, workmanship is good also.
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    Redhill 4rm - quotation sharing

    Hi, I just finished reno on a 4A re-sale flat of 115 SM and changed everything in the flat at a cost of $25k. My contractor is lego house at city plaza and find that thier prices are much lower then quote from IMM. The workmanship is good and all things were done within budget, see under lego...
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    Air-con installation - Gain City, Twin City or ???

    Hi, did you try Kaisoon, I just had a sys 3 non-inverter Mit from them at $1770 with bracket. So far the cheapest in town. Tel:64817482
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    Advise needed on Renovation and ID!!

    Hi, my quote is below, the actual is cheaper as i review alot, my place will be ready next week, if you are interested to see it sms me at 91793441 for timing. ID is DEEN: 81984205 4A Re-sale , Tampines 115 sq meters Demolition works: 1. hack flr tiles of living, dining, 3rms and store rm...
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    Painting of House/HDB flat/Room

    hi, mine cost $900, but its part of my reno works, paint is ici or nippon with any type of paint you want.everything including pipes will be painted. you can call my id at 81984205 for a quote
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    4-room Resale Flat Renovation

    Hi all, If you are looking for a reliable ID look at mine , its lego house at city plaza, thier prices are generally cheaper then the rest, i've been to about 12. i am renovating a 4a re-sale flat at tampines, total cost will be at 25.5k, this is changing everything in the flat so that its all...
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    Advice on Renovation Contractor

    Hi pinkberrycake, You can try my ID from LEGO HOUSE at city plaza. i am currently doing reno on a 4A re-sale like you, total cost is about 25.5k which is changing everything in the house, including windows and grills, also with access area, total is 115 sq meter. reno started last week and i am...
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    Aircon - System 3 non inverter Mitsubishi vs Toshiba

    Hi, Yesterday newspaper, KAISOON aircon. Mit sys 3 1770 with bracket all in. Toshiba is at 1520 with bracket. tel no is 64817482. anybody try this co before
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    5-room resale - how much to do up WHOLE unit??

    Hi all, I am going to re-do a 4A at Tampines and the best quote i got was 25k from LEGO house at city plaza, i am changing everything including the windows. You need to see the show houses to judge for yourself the standard of workmanship before you engage a ID or contractor, try them for a...
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    17K Renovation

    Hi little lamb and Sprizzy, Could you share your quotations and house pics with me please? Thanks. My email is [email protected] Hope to hear from you soon ,and thanks for sharing!
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    17K Renovation

    Hi Alice, I am a newbie, can you please mail me your contractors quotation and address. [email protected] Thanks in advance