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    Have you ever wished your spouse dead?

    You need a distraction . If not working, find a job. If working , find a new large hobby . Or else take religion. Some excuse to get away from him and not think about this white elephant furniture sitting at home
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    Husband cheated on me twice...

    He will definitely do it the third time or x times. Let’s review again. These affairs are exposed , only because you realised it. If you had not realise , then he would have happily continued to have third , fourth fifth affair . The remorse is because he needs a wife .. so that he can...
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    Can I take marriage leave during notice period?

    Already notice period .. who cares about the job. Marriage more important . Then later if change new job .. harder to find time lei ..
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    Engagement ring shop

    You have to carefully compare the specs . If the difference is small in terms of the other C but visually is so different .. could it be due to lighting . I would go for 0.7
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    Advice Needed - dating a man who is going through a divorce

    Weekend should be very free. Certainly he won’t be spending the time with his soon to be divorced wife. Unless he is spending time with other women .
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    Sad and depressed

    Best to divorce .. no way out . Better in Long run for you and the child
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    Cheating Wife

    If within two years she can find someone that she can throw her marriage out for ... I dun think this marriage is for the Long run... best to leave
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    Sad & Confused

    This is a skilled player. To u, he is a Jem. To him, every girl is practice material and he is perfecting his art over the years. Dun waste time on him, the magnetism was fake.
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    Is it a must-practice to hold wedding after 3yrs?

    If u dun follow, wait anything bad happen, Some relatives / even the mil/ fil may happily point fingers at you
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    Pandora cleaning services, chargeable?

    Thanks ... disappointed they charge
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    Pandora cleaning services, chargeable?

    I have a pandora bracelet that has crystals on the clasp. Wonder if they can do cleaning services as the clasp seems to have darken, if so wonder how much. Tia
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    I may force to walk out of my baby and cut all ties

    The more you want the child , the more she will fight with you. For a woman with a child it will be hard to remarry, not the same for a man . Tell her that, act cool .. play the cards against her
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    How can I salvage my marriage.

    Actually if you think about it, you hold the upper hand. That’s why the mistress is making trouble out of fear. Or else if she can have her way, she no need waste time make trouble with you Liao.
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    Where in outer space am i?

    Where in outer space am i?
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    what should i do to make him stay?

    I think it may have nothing to do with you ... it’s just an excuse. All these things happened like 20 years ago ah ...
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    sorry for my rant.. but i need some advice

    I think best to go marriage counselling .. no one really knows what the problem is .. will need professional help to know the problem to resolve it. Trying to solve it on the blind only delays the problem and also may not solve it
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    Found out husband attempted to cheat before marriage

    Investigate and gather information , confront , find out his story, see if logical , then if need be to divorce . Cannot be whole life he cheating away from day 1..
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    Cutting ties with children from previous marriage?

    This is not normal. I feel she is after your money.
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    Husband offering beer to lady at the bar

    He is trying to get lucky with the woman. If not every other day, woman should also men offering free car rides, helping us carry heavy things and paying our meals Liao....:
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    Tricky Case - In law moving in

    At least it’s the father in law and not the mother in law. As long as the father in law is a decent person, should be fine. If your husband is the type to throw away his parents, then he is likely to throw away his wife too