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    Brand new Flower Bouquet for Sale~~

    Hi! I'm interested in the flower bouquet! I have sent you a private message awhile ago, kindly check and looking forward to your reply! Thanks!
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    WTS: Wedding Stuff

    Hi! Am keen in purchasing some items from you and have sent you an email earlier! Please let me know if the items available thanks!
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    (2014/01) Jan 2014 BTB

    Me me! Mine is on 18 Jan 2014, booked 16 tables Lunch Banquet at Chijmes Hall! Am having my indoor photoshoot with bridal studio next week and outdoor photoshoot in Sept.. Any tips or things to take note of? Cheers!
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    (2014) 2014 Brides

    Hi Ladies!! Fellow 2014 bride here! Big day is on 18 Jan 2014 - Solemnization followed by Lunch Banquet at Chijmes Hall, booked my bridal package with Sophia Wedding! Really glad to see so many active discussion here so we can share our info with each other :)