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    Good Contractor to recommend

    Hi Xiuyu, can share with me the contact and your quotation also?
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    ($23,000 nett) Wedding Banquet @ Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre on 17/12/2017

    Hi, it is still available? Please email me the package at [email protected]
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    Letting go: Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel 9 Dec 17 (Sat Dinner)

    Hi. Please pm me your package details :)
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    Speech by bride/groom

    Hi, can anyone share a copy to me : [email protected] Thanks in advance! :)
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    London Cab Wedding Car

    Hi, can pm the rates as well?
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    Looking for banquet, photography, makeup (2018)

    Erm, currently it is over my budget. :( Thanks for informing anyway! :)
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    Looking for banquet, photography, makeup (2018)

    Bump!!! Looking for around 20 tables banquet. Pm/email me your packages :)
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    WTS: Park Royal Beach Rd Banquet

    Hi, can pm me the details as well? :)
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    Looking for banquet, photography, makeup (2018)

    Thanks for those we emailed me your packages :) Feel free to email me ur selling packages!
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    Hotel Jen Tanglin, Singapore by Shangri-La

    Hi, Would you be able to send me the wedding packages for 2018? Thank you.
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    Pre wedding in JB, Malaysia

    Hi, Would you be able to share with me ur package? Thank you.
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    Letting go: Photography (Pre & AD) and Videography (AD)

    Hi, pls pm me the details thanks!
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    WTS : Photography packages

    Hi, please pm details :)
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    WTS Actual day package

    Hi, can pm me ur bridal shop and more details of it? Thanks!
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    Letting go my AD video & photo

    Hi, can you email me the details for your package? My email is [email protected]
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    Looking for banquet, photography, makeup (2018)

    Hi everyone, I am currently looking for wedding packages for 2018 such as - Banquet (Any) - AD Photography and videography - AD Makeup Please email me at [email protected] if you are releasing any of your package :)
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    Any JP to recommend?

    Yes. He reply to messages and emails very promptly which will put the bride at ease. Enjoy your big day! :)
  18. xSMILE

    Soleminzer (JP) for 2016 Brides

    Hi, he look friendly. :) His English is quite professional so no worries about it :)