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  1. nAm3le5z

    (2015/06) Any June 2015 brides?

    Hi, That day i just walked in to Digio and they let me try on their gowns. dunno why they require you to book appointment.
  2. nAm3le5z

    Door Gift

    omg.. nice!
  3. nAm3le5z

    (2015) 2015 brides??

    Congrats to you too! ;) I have just signed with Digio bridal as recommended by a friend. Nice gowns they have. Have you looked for AD photographer?
  4. nAm3le5z

    (2015) 2015 brides??

    Hi all! Im a June 2015 btb. Till now only booked the venue, still in the process of looking for bridal studio. Not much time left. :( Anyone got good recommendation?