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    hello.. anyone got further review on Brandt FP867? i just book brandt oven 842 and now thinking of upgrading it since FP867 got 'cool' panels and sales guy told me that its better to get FP867 since it will be house under lower cabinet.. any review/comments? i am more wondering about the...
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    Any OPI nail polish fans?

    Hi Hi,another OPI nail polish lover here too! but i also do love other brands!
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    Carlton Hotel

    xinglin, i will post pic ..but that will be 2 months after my AD..cos thats what my PG told me..>.< anyway, i am quite disappointed with teh food. apparently,our comments for the food was nt taken into account. the abalone still very rubbery, the fish overcooked.. and also too much mushroom in...
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    Carlton Hotel

    thanks everyone for the warm wishes. i viewed some of the photos taken by my hubby's sis.. i look too fat >.< anyway, i am v grateful to Carlton's operation team who assist and help us for the wedding banquet and it went very smoothly. we achieved just over 95% attendance. everyone was punctual...
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    A relationship with an irc pal?

    i know my hubby from irc too. we been dating for 9 years n will be tying knot this coming sunday.
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    Carlton Hotel

    xinglin, my wedding is this coming sunday.... excited? more like jing zhang.. hope can achieve min 95% attendance!
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    Carlton Hotel many post..hehe. go5, pdn = production. there is a thread under the wedding photography and videography section. liquidskye, i choose maroon wedding cards ..but in the end, over shot. i left with no more cards and have to send invitation by sms.. sigh..luckily my friends are ok with...
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    JP Mr Phang Tai Heng

    oh no.. my JP will also be Mr phang.. i also asked him whether we need to meet up.he said no need initially.but then told me i can find him at CC every morning 11am on weekdays.. so i will be going to pop by and meet him after i go ROM to collect documents lor.anyone's solemnisation will be...
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    Carlton Hotel

    go5, i engaged sam from sam photography ( 98584964) and christopher from HILO pdn (98427458). total expense for engaging them is under 2k but i nt sure whether they increased their price liao or not.. u can check with them.
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    Carlton Hotel

    hello there, if really dun like pillar,then shdnt choose/ consider it in the 1st place. like go5 has mentioned, u cant please everyone too. for me, i will be having 33 tables. surely will have some pple blocked by pillars. but no choice right. furthermore, its common to have pillar in the...
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    Carlton Hotel

    then mine must be 90 and above...
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    Carlton Hotel

    ya.. i will be meeting rose soon. only like to deal with agnes cos she more responsive and willingly to for rose, i cross my fingers because there is some issue with her before i signed the contract with carlton. hope she can prove me wrong. -.-
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    Carlton Hotel

    Eugene, i bring the cards n let AD imaging print the cards. the printing quality is pretty good.. spended 160+ ( have to pay 7% GST) for it. i also just went for the food tasting yesterdae. tried the dishes as follow: a) suckling pig combination - pretty nicely done especially char siew...
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    Anyone bought from Lights Arcade in Balestier?

    i also got my lights from LA and this is based on recommendation from sgbride forum. there is another uncle who is funny funny type de. i dunno whats his name la. that time ,my dad and him talk quite good. we were served by jane too. andrew sound 'stoned' over the phone. but they are flexible...
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    Carlton Hotel

    eugene, i am in midst of getting the wedding card done. the printer kept on making mistake... hope i can get the cards by end of this week lor.any lobang for wedding cakes? i am looking for butter cream cake slices... ryoko, whos ur cooridinator? rose or agnes? i will be going for food...
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hello ladies ,hows everyone wedding preparation? my wedding now is like 2 months away.. food tasting will be in mid Jan.. plasterbride, i tok to carlton on the new pricing for 08. i thought they already increase the price package for 2008? so it will be a further increase on top of the...
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    moomooland, u can try hilo production? see if they available? i am engaging them for my AD. i have yet to settle the following.. v stress! Outstanding: 1) GDL, 2) Food tasting- tentatively on Mid Jan 3) photo montage( thinking of letting my jiemei to do) 4) wedding card - not printed 5)...
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    Amore Fitness at Woodlands Civic Centre

    yes, qinying, i am still attending class at wdl amore....
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    Carlton Hotel

    for a while, i thought carlton provide plasma tv.. hehe xinglin, u mean the package is not really attractive? i thought sunday aso have free flow of beer and free wine per table but only 1 night stay
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    Carlton Hotel

    xinglin, we booked the date earlier this year , before Feb CNY 07. didnt know that the price for 08 now has increased as i keep seeing the same old price uploaded in the website.. u have email>? agnes emailed to me. or u can ask her to email u the cards to u directly. my AD is 3months away from...