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    Kuas in Hong Kong

    Hi kaye I'm actually trying to look for a set of Kua+shoes from HK. Do you think you still have the contact of the shop in HK?? eg the Store name, the Tel no etc?? Pls email me at [email protected] OR [email protected] Thank you
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    Any Korean drama serial fans here?

    Hi Vyvy.. Is there a chance that you can get a copy of 'Goong' for mi.. Pls contact mi at [email protected]
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    Republic of Sg Yacht Club RSYC

    Hi PP, Zenn and all... really dono whr to start fm... sooo many Qns.. sooo many quiries.... Mi thinking of having my Solemnisation alone at one of the yacht clubs. contacted SAF.. price is coming 2k.. any adv on which club is good and price reasonable... + any photographers to...